[ US /ˈsæŋɝ/ ]
  1. English biochemist who determined the sequence of amino acids in insulin and who invented a technique to determine the genetic sequence of an organism (born in 1918)
  2. United States nurse who campaigned for birth control and planned parenthood; she challenged Gregory Pincus to develop a birth control pill (1883-1966)
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How To Use Sanger In A Sentence

  • And then of course there were the Sanger Bangers of Belfast Our camp in Dortmund was full of the f uckers! Army Rumour Service
  • Sampling error was estimated assuming a multinomial distribution (not shown) and indicated that estimates of relative abundance are accurate +/− 5% for dominant organisms given the number of Sanger reads obtained, and +/− 1% for pyrosequencing reads. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • May 16th, 2008 6: 19 pm ET lou dobbs should run for the presidency, he knows everything. he always seems to being attacking obama, he seem to like hillary, john mccain be fair it would be nice for a change, not always show your true colors. at one time it was a pleasure to listen to you. now when you come i changing the statation until campbell brown comes on. sanger, tx Ludacris and Tommy Lee talk politics
  • When Sanger had fooled Grant twice, it began to look as if he really would succeed in "taking his pelt"; but, declining to reach for the decoys, Rod finally met the ball on the trade mark, lining it over the center fielder's head, after which he made third before he was stopped by the wild gestures and cries of the delighted coacher, Nelson. Rival Pitchers of Oakdale
  • Margaret Sanger is the mother of modern contraception and the founder of Planned Parenthood.
  • Having been on rat packs since arriving, the smell of sizzling sausages had me wishing for a sausage sanger and a cold beer on the oppressively hot and humid Saturday afternoon.
  • James the Saxt, haid anie judicator or cause thair, presentlie, it sould nocht be to judge the fathfull messanger of Jesus Chryst, the King, etc., bot (turning him to the Lard of Burley, standing there) this trator, wha hes committed divers poinets of his treasone against his Andrew Melville Famous Scots Series
  • Here in Texas, Wal-Mart is receiving 21 tagged products from eight suppliers at Distribution Center 6086 in Sanger and distributing to stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.
  • In this study, heteroplasmy in CPC98 was identified first via Illumina GA sequencing and then later confirmed by analysis of the Sanger chromatograms. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • The Sanger sequence data also showed that both A and G alleles were present at this position, as revealed by double chromatophore peaks (8× coverage from four independent DNA extracts). PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
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