How To Use Sandwich islands In A Sentence

  • 1779 - James Cook is killed by the natives of the Sandwich Islands.
  • We have much pleasure in naming this noble Physa after Dr. Newcomb, the distinguished American conchologist, who has contributed so much, by his researches in the Sandwich Islands, to our knowledge of the genus Helicter or Achatinella. The Journals of John McDouall Stuart
  • It was imagined that this mode of culture was absolutely necessary; but we now found, that, with the precaution above-mentioned, it succeeds equally well in a drier situation; indeed, we all remarked, that the tarrow of the Sandwich Islands is the best we had ever tasted. A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 17 Arranged in Systematic Order: Forming a Complete History of the Origin and Progress of Navigation, Discovery, and Commerce, by Sea and Land, from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time
  • Subduction also takes place to the east of the South Sandwich Islands, which are found in the South Atlantic.
  • One of them was about an old rackabones of a horse, a sort of preliminary study for "Oahu," of the Sandwich Islands, or "Baalbec" and Mark Twain, a Biography. Complete
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  • Concurrently several of us were off the map hanging with the kanakas out in the Sandwich Islands.
  • We didn't chum with the other girls, who called us little cannibals, just because we came from the Sandwich Islands, and who made invidious remarks about our ancestors banqueting on Captain Cook -- which was historically untrue, and, besides, our ancestors hadn't lived in Hawaii. Chapter 5
  • In a sense somewhat similar to this the chiefs and priests of the Sandwich Islands had the power of devoting anything to the service of the gods, by saying that it was tabu, or tabued. Barnes New Testament Notes

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