How To Use Sanative In A Sentence

  • Why is it then that the science of the sanative power of nature, as well as medical science, is still in doubt in regard to the relation that must absolutely exist between the separate component parts of our nourishment in order to obtain normal healthy sanguification? Valere Aude Dare to Be Healthy, Or, The Light of Physical Regeneration
  • a sanative environment of mountains and fresh air
  • Thus, instead of acting like the sanative tea, which softens, smoothes, and unbends the two constringed fibres, the vitriolic salts of this mineral water but more contract the fibrill√¶, by operating like so many wedges, which ultimately tear, rend, or divide the tender filaments. A Treatise on Foreign Teas Abstracted From An Ingenious Work, Lately Published, Entitled An Essay On the Nerves
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