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  • Singer/dancer Olga San Juan shows up as sort of a good-time girl that, this being the forties, no one actually has a good time with.
  • While a small band is playing and singing the traditional song of San Juan, blindfolded dancers from the audience try to hit the calabash with a stick.
  • SAN JUAN DE MARCONA, Peru — In its worldwide quest for commodities, China has scoured South America for everything from Brazilian soybeans to Guyanese timber and Venezuelan oil.
  • In addition, the wind is often light and, when it blows, amazingly fluky - I can remember sailing almost completely around one of the San Juans without touching our sloop's sheets.
  • Then he appears on a platform in San Juan or Port of Spain and delivers the finest speeches calling for racial unity.
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  • Trails of lightning backlight Chimney Rock in southwest Colorado's San Juan National Forest.
  • Public-private infrastructure projects may help: A $1.5 billion toll-road concession from San Juan west to Hatilo and Aguadilla; public-private partnerships in education bringing $878 million to the island for the modernization of 100 schools; and bidding is now under way for a concession to modernize the Luis Muñoz Marín Airport in San Juan. Fortuño's Plan to Energize Puerto Rico
  • The main fiesta is in honor of San Juan Bautista from the 23rd to the 25th of June. The Meseta Purepecha
  • After landing virtually unopposed, the Fifth Corps moved toward the San Juan Heights, the principal bulwark in the first of three defensive lines around the city.
  • Casino with three-or four-night sails from San Juan aboard the Nordic Empress.
  • PUERTO RICO BEATS NETHERLANDS: Yadier Molina's go-ahead double keyed a three-run rally in the eighth inning, and Puerto Rico beat a pesky Netherlands team 3-1 on Monday night in San Juan, Puerto Rico to advance to the second round of the World Baseball Classic. undefined
  • The San Juan Member is late Oligocene based upon biostratigraphy and radiometric dating.
  • We're parked atop a vertigo-inducing earthen dam in the San Juan Basin, in northwestern New Mexico's arid sandstone and sagebrush country.
  • Trails of lightning backlight Chimney Rock in southwest Colorado's San Juan National Forest.
  • Then at the same time you had into New York from San Juan, they came on the so-called chicory flights. Damon Runyan: A Life
  • It happens that the Hopi tongue is a composite, mainly a Shoshonean dialect, probably accumulated as the various clans of the present tribe gathered in northeastern Arizona, from the cactus country to the south, the San Juan country to the northward and the Rio Grande valley to the eastward. Mormon Settlement in Arizona A Record of Peaceful Conquest of the Desert
  • After hosting several periodic Bible studies for up to 50 people in their home in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., the Fromms were fined $300 for violating a city ordinance that prohibits groups of three or more people from gathering without a permit. When the Zoning Board Closes Your Church
  • The government owes these veterans a debt of final honors," said Jack Campbell, 77, of San Juan Capistrano, a Heroes or Villains?
  • Periodically, float planes cruised by, shuttling their passengers home from the San Juan Islands.
  • They had arrived in the envelope with his round-trip ticket from Paris to San Juan. THE DUTCH BLUE ERROR
  • We were on the midmorning "slow" boat, about to embark on a long day's drift down Nicaragua's Rio San Juan.
  • I was given a flyer at the Joco malecon yesterday and according to someone whom I asked about it, the price has dropped considerably to ride the the barge from the Joco malecon to San Juan Cosala, or that is the destination according to my inexcusably bad Spanish. Boat at Joco Malecon
  • After the family moved to San Juan Capistrano, Calif., in 1977, she rode horses with her two sisters. Obituary: Kim Hill, 44, whose fight with leukemia led to first Ronald McDonald House
  • Bonitian fragments in proportion to later varieties such as the three hachured types, our organic-paint Chaco-San Juan or McElmo The Architecture of Pueblo Bonito :
  • Mysis shrimp are a good option, and Parker also suggests throwing some attracter nymphs like the San Juan worm. Summit Daily News - Top Stories
  • AP BMW car driver Stephane Peterhansel and co-driver Jean-Paul Cottret , both from France, compete during the 12th stage of the 2011 Argentina-Chile Dakar Rally between San Juan and Cordoba, Argentina, Friday, Jan. 14, 2011. The 2011 Dakar Rally
  • Pablo led a miserable existence when he first moved to San Juan.
  • Trails of lightning Chimney Rock in southwest Colorado's San Juan National Forest.
  • Big snow event taking place across the west, especially from the wind river, the bitterroot, the bighorns down to the San Juan and Sangre de Cristos. CNN Transcript Dec 5, 2009
  • Still tough conditions up there but they are catching some good quality rainbows on san juan worm, #10 gray scuds and peach egg flies drifted on the bottom. Lake Taneycomo 4-23
  • I think, the most Schoking thing today was the first view of the inside of the Church in San Juan Chamula ... but I have to apologise, that is indescriptible for me. Recent Updates
  • The Missions of San Gabriel, San Juan Capistrano, and San Luis Rey have built chapels in their hospitals, in order to administer the sacraments there to the sick more conveniently.
  • The villages of San Juan and San Salvador Paricutín, the last just one kilometer from the rising volcano, were in danger, but nobody wanted to abandon land and home. Paricutín, The Volcano, Michoacán
  • I have gone through the central provinces, Chontales, Matagalpa, and Segovia; from the San Juan river, the south-eastern boundary of Nicaragua, away to the confines of Honduras on the north-west. The Naturalist in Nicaragua
  • Trails of lightning Chimney Rock in southwest Colorado's San Juan National Forest.
  • Paleoproterozoic igneous and metamorphic rocks along with Paleozoic sedimentary rocks make up the basement complex of the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado.
  • But for the current citizens of San Juan Capistrano putting on their costumes for the annual replay of the attack, the word "pirates" naturally sounds sexier than "anti-colonial fighters. Nicolás Meyer: California In Argentine Hands: A Brief History Lesson
  • When they were living in the slums of San Juan, her grandfather started an organization of tobacco workers, which had not existed previously in Puerto Rico: The men would come to our house and discuss salaries, and my abuelo was a real leader. Latina Power!
  • Located in the heart of San Juan Capistrano is agorgeouslycomforting nook known as 'The Ramos House Cafe'. Archive 2008-01-01
  • On a recent morning, one group went to a large coffee estate in Yauco, 140 km southwest of the capital, San Juan.
  • After the raid, in San Juan, mounted riot police stared down about 800 shouting demonstrators blocking the gates to Fort Buchanan, a US Army base.
  • Evidence of this has been recovered from the wrecks of the San Juan de Sicilia in Tobermory Bay and La Trinidad Valencera in the form of gunners' rules and shot gauges.
  • Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega to accept the ruling. 2009, the Tribunal has ruled on the San Juan River in Nicaragua's sovereignty, its right to control navigation and dredging.
  • Certain it is, that after he had left the island called La Mona, and when he was approaching the island of San Juan, a drowsiness, which Las Casas calls "pestilential," but which might reasonably be attributed to the privations, cares, and anxieties which the admiral had now undergone for many months, seized upon him, and entirely deprived him for a time of the use of his senses. The Life of Columbus
  • Accompanied by my colleague, I drove along the new autopista leading out of San Juan, Puerto Rico, toward Guyama.
  • Theodore Roosevelt and his Rough Riders became famous for their charge up San Juan Hill
  • He was born at San Juan, Puerto Rico, and was educated partly on that island and partly in the Danish West Indies. World’s Great Men of Color
  • So those of you thinking about going hiking maybe this weekend into the Colorado Rockies, down to the San Juan, across the Wasatch and Siuwincas (ph) and up into parts of Idaho and Montana, we have what we call a considerable threat of avalanche danger in the back country areas. CNN Transcript Feb 18, 2007
  • The last of the San Juan lobos - the last wild wolf in Colorado - was killed in 1945, felled by a government wildlife officer within sight of a herd of cattle.
  • Guavate Forest 15mi, Cayey 12mi, Carite Forest Reserve-Blue Water Pool 20mi, Ponce 38mi, City of Humacao 35mi, Tibes 'Taino' Ceremonial Center 40 mi, San Juan 50mi, El Yunque Rainforest American Taíno
  • The manufacturing in San Juan includes clothing, sugar refining, cement, metal goods, tobacco and brewing.
  • Rounding the notorious San Juan section, where the rough surface was still wet from a nearby waterfall, he saw fresh tyre tracks that veered abruptly off the unprotected edge.
  • Although the San Juans had first been prospected by trespassers on Ute lands, it was not until after the 1874 cession of the San Juans via the Brunot Treaty that serious prospecting was undertaken in what would become the Telluride area.
  • Jen Kessy (San Juan Capistrano, Calif.) and April Ross (Costa Mesa, Calif.) walked off the sand winners at the Shanghai Open, a stop on the FIVB World Tour. Diver Troy Dumais wins two medals, athlete of the week award
  • The advance guard fought Spanish outposts at Las Guasimas, and the whole force made a spirited if awkward twin assault on the Spanish fortifications at Kettle and San Juan Hills and El Caney.
  • They were labelled exuberantly, ‘Butifull Toledo steel works, mad only in San Juan’, and it was not for tourists to enquire how Toledo steel came to be made only in San Juan, or where were the foundries and workshops necessarily implied. Tour de Force
  • Logan said the southern San Juans are "much quieter" than the northern San Juans, with conditions becoming "touchier" at Red Mountain Pass.
  • The storm is centered about 175 miles north-northwest of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and is moving west near 2 mph. Tropical Storm Maria moving away from Caribbean
  • During the Spanish-American War, Roosevelt was lieutenant colonel of the Rough Rider Regiment, which he led on a charge at the battle of San Juan.
  • SHM San Juan de Puerto Rico was built on a tiny island situated at the entrance to a large bay. Defending the sea and the land
  • Kó-thlu-ël-lon-ne, now a marsh-bordered lagune situated on the eastern shore of the Colorado Chiquito, about fifteen miles north and west from the pueblo of San Juan, Arizona, and nearly opposite the mouth of the Zuñi Fetiches Second Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1880-1881, Government Printing Office, Washington, 1883, pages 3-45
  • San Juan is probably a cofavorite in 2A with South - Top Stories

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