How To Use Samuel beckett In A Sentence

  • The backbar showcased stained glass portraits of Irish writers through the ages: Jonathan Swift, Samuel Beckett, Sean O'Casey. Salvadora
  • David Lynch used the same technique of dramatically over-extended emotion to telling effect in Twin Peaks, but both contemporary satirists have really borrowed the idea from the high avatar of absurdism Samuel Beckett.
  • Antonin Artaud, Roland Barthes, Samuel Beckett, Walter Benjamin, Elias Canetti and Cioran himself were among the writers about whom Sontag wrote most enthusiastically. A Very Public Intellectual
  • In 1938 he was the subject of an offensive caricature in Samuel Beckett's Murphy, where his experiments with Gaelic prosody and his sexual repression are mocked in the figure of Austin Ticklepenny.
  • Chaplin's appeal was perhaps a bit more audience-pleasing; certainly, he was much more sentimental than Keaton, whose predilection for absurdism ultimately led to collaborations with existentialist Samuel Beckett.
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  • The most original playwright of the Theater of Absurd is Samuel Beckett, who wrote about human beings living a meaningless life in an alien, decaying world. He first play, Waiting fro Godot.
  • The exemplary works of artistic autonomy were, for Adorno, the ‘experimental’ works of modernism, especially the music of Arnold Schoenberg and in literature the antinovels of Samuel Beckett.
  • Call me a philistine, but I have small patience for Samuel Beckett, can tolerate only small doses of serial atonality, and am bored numb by recitative.
  • Both contemporary satirists have really borrowed the idea from the high avatar of absurdism Samuel Beckett.
  • I seem to remember getting into some fairly deep Samuel Beckett.
  • He points to the clear, simple prose of Ernest Hemingway and Samuel Beckett as examples of brilliant writing that is not bewildering for its complexity.
  • Potter did for television what Samuel Beckett did for theatre: he smashed its conventions and reimagined the way the medium worked.
  • He is seen, with some justification, as a cold, austere writer, one who belongs to a line that includes Thomas Mann and Samuel Beckett rather than more marketable writers.
  • The main way out of this is found in the work of dramatists like Eugene Ionesco and Samuel Beckett, who can enact the metaphysic of drama without providing a theory for its interpretation.
  • Samuel Beckett and Eugene Ionesco have written plays for the theater of the absurd
  • *** Speaking of tough nuts, the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Next Wave Festival has imported Dublin's Gate Theatre revival of "Krapp's Last Tape," Samuel Beckett's hour-long 1958 "duologue" for an angry old writer John Hurt, made up to look like Beckett himself who listens to a tape recording of himself when young and can't stand what he hears. The End Of the Line
  • A recession is a great reminder that all of us need to learn, as Samuel Beckett said, to "fail better.

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