How To Use Sampling rate In A Sentence

  • Because of the low sampling rate of channels R and B, they will overlap in the high frequency region, such as region's rim, and produce artificial color.
  • That happens because the sampling rate is kept high for long complex sounds like "ow", but cut down for simple consonants like "c". Boing Boing
  • The software can display up to 128 channels of data simultaneously at sampling rates as high as 100,000 samples/second. iWorx cardiovascular research solutions include complete tissue baths systems, blood flow systems, and myograph systems. The Earth Times Online Newspaper
  • Because the relation between the sum of amplitude and the sampling rate owns the character of V curve, the optimal solution will be found quickly.
  • A versatile multichannel file format and sampling rate conversion tool of utmost sonic quality and unprecedented conversion speed.
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  • Together with the sampling rate, this defines the maximum displacement that a speckle can undergo from one frame to the next.
  • For lossless digitization, the sampling rate should be at least twice the maximum frequency response.
  • The random that can generate length to amount to 128 K with tall sampling rate is undee.
  • Because the Medilog system had a low sampling rate, we used an algorithm of interpolation to refine the QRS-complex fiducial point, in order to improve the accuracy of R-wave recognition.

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