How To Use Samarkand In A Sentence

  • Timur's trajectory began with a three-year struggle to achieve dominance, at the end of which in 1370 he proclaimed himself not merely emir of Samarkand but khan of the Chagatai and inheritor of Genghis's Mongol empire.
  • These conquests added big Muslim cities like Tashkent and Samarkand to the Russian Empire.
  • The struggle between Russia and Great Britain in the late nineteenth century saw major Central Asian khanates, such as Bukhara, Samarkand, and Tashkent, fall under Russian influence.
  • Having risen to power in 1369, Timur had taken over the Chaghadai khanate, conquered the Kipchak khanate, and, with his capital in Samarkand, was in the process of rebuilding the Mongolian Empire. D. The Early Ming
  • He was a native of Kesh, a small town fifty miles south of Samarkand, the capital of Bokhara, which was known as Tartary in those days. Modern India
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  • He had proclaimed himself sovereign and restorer of the Mongol empire at Samarkand in 1370.
  • Rape by the powerful is an everyday hazard in Uzbekistan, again as outlined in Murder in Samarkand page 120. Don't Mess With Us, Mr. Usmanov
  • The clubroom was Paris, London, the golden city of Samarkand. FAIRYLAND
  • The powerful amulet of Samarkand, which is usually in the safekeeping of the government, is purloined by the wicked Lovelace, who, naturally, wants to use it for his own nefarious purposes.
  • In this partly unfinished building, Persian master builders experimented with architectural and structural solutions later used in the construction of Samarkand, the capital of the Timurid Empire.
  • The story here, "The Mighty Manslayer" 1918, begins: "Chakar Noyon was dead, long before the end of the sixteenth century, when Khlit, the Cossack called the 'Wolf,' he of the curved saber, rode into Samarkand. The Case of the Missing Adventure Story
  • I tried to board her at Khiva, but the caravanserai was too crowded, and on the Samarkand road there wasn't the opportunity, which was a pity. The Sky Writer
  • From Samarkand the king struck north to the Jaxartes, like the Oxus a major river running from the great Himalayan massif to the Aral Sea. Alexander the Great

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