How To Use Saleslady In A Sentence

  • Yet the saleslady is a good worker considering she's a princess; even a literary commissar might regret an act of inégalité here. The Mary McCarthy Case
  • The oh-so-helpful saleslady measured my feet.
  • However, the aisle saleslady promoting shampoos and hair conditioners need not spend quite so long trying to convince totally bald men which brand they should try next.
  • We walked around the store, trailed by a bewildered saleslady, until Dr. Salama stopped in front of a mulberry-pink satin brassiere. Day of Honey
  • Tuesday, I spent much of the day recovering from crazy saleslady. Day in the Life of an Idiot
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  • The saleslady compacted a neat package out of my wife's purchase.
  • The saleslady would dot my own sturdy wrist with the potion, and still my father would stand there, tapping the edge of his American Express card on the glass counter over and over again in agony. The Passion of Alec Baldwin
  • The saleslady smiled and prompted, ‘Would you like to pay for those now, so I can remove the tags?’
  • The bottle-blond saleslady stood at attention behind her, batting her eyelash extensions in polite shock. Day of Honey
  • I told his supervisor that when I bought this sofa, I bought the extended warranty SOLELY because the saleslady said when the five years were almost up, to call you guys and you would restuff the sofa and reupholster it and I'd have a BRAND NEW SOFA after five years. unclebob Diary Entry
  • My Aunt Dot was donating two days a week as a saleslady at the United Nations Gift Shop, which was a charity enterprise that sold globes and flags and little sculptures that you'd never want in your house.
  • He ask the kindly saleslady to select some ten books that has romance as a subject, the lady gladly helped him and picked up some of the thickest books he had ever bought.
  • Previous to her marriage she was head "saleslady" at the "Little Sailor" * novelty shop, corner of Quai Repertory of the Comedie Humaine Part 1
  • I don't give the shit if the saleslady is a panhandler in Bumfuck, Egypt right now ... unclebob Diary Entry
  • The Tupperware saleslady was a big-boned Armenian woman whose spiel had been written expressly for housewives. SIGNIFICANT OTHERS
  • saleslady" does one leave the shop with a feebler sense of injury than was formerly inspired by a transaction at the counter -- a duller consciousness of being oneself the commodity that has changed hands? The Shadow On The Dial, and Other Essays 1909
  • I try to take a break next door in one of Rusco garden furniture's comfy rope hammocks, but the saleslady sees I'm way too snug and turfs me out sharpish.
  • The saleslady compacted a neat package out of my wife's purchase.
  • Only her subconscious sense of humour, which warned her it would be ridiculous from Peter Rolls's "saleslady" to Peter Rolls himself, made her bite back the words that rushed to the end of her tongue. Winnie Childs The Shop Girl
  • The saleslady compacted a neat package out of my wife's purchase.
  • This particular saleslady scored big off a certain softhearted photographer of my acquaintance. Sharing the wealth
  • The smothering saleslady held the dress up to me.
  • After the exam I was handed off to the saleslady; we found frames identical to my present set.

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