How To Use Sales promotion In A Sentence

  • Disguising sales promotion as research destroys the credibility of all industry-funded research.
  • He would rather have the Financial Department look at these aspects, as his mind is more diverted towards adverting, sales promotion and packaging designs.
  • Integrated br and promotion maneuver with campus events, sports events and joint sales promotions to spur the market.
  • Firms selling industrial products generally emphasize personal selling in their promotion mixes and use advertising, sales promotion, and publicity to support personal selling efforts.
  • The agency has recently completed projects for major clients in web, print, packaging, advertising, sales promotion and exhibition design.
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  • Promotional variables include advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and publicity.
  • He went on to become trade communications manager at Nestle Rowntree, York and for 12 years until his retirement last December was its sales promotions manager.
  • Do firms employ investment related marketing strategies? To what extent does the economic climate influence sales promotion?
  • She is responsible for sales promotion.
  • In celebration of this milestone year, the art publisher is holding special sales promotions throughout the year.
  • The only difference with the main show is that the November show will be a consumer goods sales promotion only.
  • Dean Cowley, formerly in charge of stationery, will now take on marketing services, including advertising and sales promotion.
  • By far the most important medium, in terms of total expenditure on advertising and sales promotion, is the press.
  • In cases such as the launch of a new brand of cigarette, sales promotion events are sometimes the only vehicle used to promote the product, primarily due to the limitations placed on advertising the product.
  • Advertising revenues will be under pressure from below-the-line activity like PR, direct marketing, multimedia and sales promotion.
  • Often a campaign will involve a coordination of advertisements, posters, sales promotions and special offers. Business Studies Basic Facts
  • Through these capabilities, content-centric media companies can begin attracting those non-advertising marketing dollars that are targeted to retail trade initiatives, consumer sales promotion, event marketing, social and conversational interaction, direct sales and other "below-the-line" activities. Jack Myers: Content is King, But the King Needs a New Wardrobe
  • Sales promotion may be aimed at customers, middlemen, or at a firm's own employees.
  • The company runs sales promotions, in-store merchandising, direct marketing and market research for consumer and financial groups and retailers looking to gain exposure to the Russian consumer boom.
  • Actively participate in social practice. Including sales promotion, agency, promotion, expansion and so on.
  • People today know this is advertising," says Armin Jochum, chief creative officer, BBDO Stuttgart and Berlin and the jury president who oversaw the panel of judges for sales promotion. Cannes Lions winners find new ways to hook an audience
  • The organizations involved are making a clear commitment to de-emphasizing their dependence on advertising revenues and increasing their abilities to target "below-the-line" budgets including direct marketing, consumer sales promotion, trade promotion, event, social media, conversational marketing, cause related and even search marketing budgets. Jack Myers: Management Shifts at Magazine Publishers Signal Redefining of the Business
  • As Simmons has put it, in a general sense everything that is done to sell a product is sales promotion.
  • She is responsible for sales promotion.
  • Jim Porteous, club chairman and former trade communications manager and sales promotions manager at Nestle is right to be triumphant.
  • He moved to Geigy Pharmaceuticals as sales promotion manager, working on Butazolidin, Tandearil, Anturane, Persantine, and Preludin. Medindia Health News
  • Both opened with aggressive sales promotions, triggering even more heated competition in the business, Yang said.
  • Yes. We're spending a fortune on marketing and sales promotion these days.
  • Sales promotion activities are particularly applicable to consumer products.
  • With a communication program that could be national advertising, sales promotion, trade shows, and press activities.
  • Actively participate in social practice. Including sales promotion, agency, promotion, expansion and so on.
  • Speakers at the seminar said sponsorship was an effective method of building public relations and effecting sales promotion.
  • With a communication program that could be national advertising, sales promotion, trade shows, and press activities.
  • Advertising, sales promotion, and personal selling were used to emphasize product differentiation and branding.

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