How To Use Salaciousness In A Sentence

  • The British media may be attacked for the weakness of its investigative reporting and the salaciousness and dodgy practices of the tabloids, but I would rather err on the side of a profession that is hard to control than one that is pliant. Privacy decisions can't just be left to judges and politicians
  • The story is a classic one, well-told, managing to tread the difficult line between conveying thehorrific crime without salaciousness, and sympathy with the victim and her family. Book review
  • The salaciousness of a rumor often helps it survive.
  • Who can resist a peek at the salaciousness seething behind the sober suits and marble halls of American government?
  • But there is nothing like being able to offer salaciousness, in the guise of serious news, to arouse the viewing public. Rabbi Irwin Kula: The Roasting Of Weiner And The Public Good
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  • The catalogue entry notes that the painting manages to avoid ‘indulging in the facile salaciousness of a Gerome.’
  • So what if the movies were little more than bookends for the disturbingly graphic short subjects, it was those inserts from whence the satisfaction, salaciousness, and serious dinero flowed.
  • All I know about salaciousness is that various women's committees and other self-appointed censors are against it. Sex and Violence on the Bookstalls
  • The light romantic chemistry between the two is on-target: playful without a hint of salaciousness.
  • Oddly enough, although there's no nudity, the scenes between Magimel and Doutey are some of the most erotic and highly charged in recent memory - apparently a little salaciousness goes a long way.
  • Because the combination of sex, class warfare and the race card formed a trifecta for salaciousness. Men and Women at Yale, Is Boola Boola a Sexist Chant?
  • Who can resist a peek at the salaciousness seething behind the sober suits and marble halls of American government?
  • While not as powerful as their influential triptych, these two films are still overripe offerings of cinematic salaciousness.
  • Still, Lat faced questions about the "salaciousness" of the postings, purported inaccuracies of the content and accusations that it fosters an environment of panic. - Newswire
  • Norma Clarke notes Boswell's automatic semi-salaciousness with, it very much seems, a moue of disappointment, and it is hard not to see why.

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