How To Use Salacious In A Sentence

  • Because the combination of sex, class warfare and the race card formed a trifecta for salaciousness. Men and Women at Yale, Is Boola Boola a Sexist Chant?
  • The phrase pearl clutching, which means being shocked by something once-salacious that should now be seen as commonplace Slate Articles
  • Yet if this was reason enough for the failure of Egyptian writers to indulge in the kind of salacious detail that the Greeks and the Romans so relished, then there was also a broader cultural explanation. The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt by Toby Wilkinson; Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt by Joyce Tyldesley; and Egyptian Dawn by Robert Temple
  • He loved gossip, had a wicked salacious eye, a sly coyness, and he actually snickered all the time, delicious and conspiratorial.
  • Who can resist a peek at the salaciousness seething behind the sober suits and marble halls of American government?
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  • Kind of like the word salacious during the Clinton impeachment area. CNN Transcript - Special Event: The Spin Room: Election 2000 Goes to the Florida Supreme Court - November 17, 2000
  • If tabloids want to divulge salacious and prurient accounts of intimate sexual behaviour in future, against the wishes of one of the participants, they may find European Union law barring their path with a sword of flame.
  • There is nothing like salacious gossip to keep the conversation going is there?
  • He even occasionally allows his reader a salacious glimpse of his many and various belle-lettrist exchanges with flatterers, botherers, court eunuchs, visiting dignitaries and so on.
  • While not as powerful as their influential triptych, these two films are still overripe offerings of cinematic salaciousness.
  • And while it has been marketed as "salacious," aside from a few anecdotes about players hooking up with local girls (some not of legal age) and a slew of raunchy actions in the clubhouse, McCarthy left a lot out. Jon Greenberg: Odd Man Out ... Again
  • Jackson's lawyers and prosecutors endorsed Melville's secrecy rulings, using their few public filings to lambast the media as purveyors of salacious stories aimed at a voyeuristic audience.
  • Starting with “Married With Children”, the Fox network has always been the leader in salacious programming. Foxification of local news « BuzzMachine
  • The American people were inundated on a daily basis with new and ever more salacious bits of gossip about the occupant of the Oval Office.
  • Oddly enough, although there's no nudity, the scenes between Magimel and Doutey are some of the most erotic and highly charged in recent memory - apparently a little salaciousness goes a long way.
  • The light romantic chemistry between the two is on-target: playful without a hint of salaciousness.
  • Domestic violence attracts a certain salacious interest - and let's face it, it's easy telly.
  • All I know about salaciousness is that various women's committees and other self-appointed censors are against it. Sex and Violence on the Bookstalls
  • In a fit of fury, Pentheus attempts unsuccessfully to imprison Dionysus, who subsequently awakens Pentheus's salacious interest in the cavorting ladies.
  • The titillating subject brought the crowds in, no doubt, but the film is not really salacious.
  • Not that the sex is positive; while it has a certain salacious appeal, Auto Focus captures that sense of steadily-declining standards that marks the truly obsessed. Autofocus « Skid Roche
  • Norma Clarke notes Boswell's automatic semi-salaciousness with, it very much seems, a moue of disappointment, and it is hard not to see why.
  • Still, Lat faced questions about the "salaciousness" of the postings, purported inaccuracies of the content and accusations that it fosters an environment of panic. - Newswire
  • The problem with the Big Bopper was not the lyrics, but the salacious eager, unguilty, almost comandeering tone of his voice as he was enunciating his eagerness to copulate with nubile teens via song lyrics. Big Bopper Update
  • For some players, this will be truly drool-worthy, with plenty of camera angles designed to capture the most salacious shots.
  • Kerekes defended himself against accusations that he was representing violent, sexual murder in a salacious, titillating and insensitive manner.
  • What film, even before that killjoy schoolmarm Joseph Breen brought his Squaresville strictness to the Production Code in 1934, has ever presented the potentially salacious scenario of three-way love in such a wistfully complicated way? Kim Morgan: It Takes Three: Design for Living
  • The fact that minors crave risqué films or salacious rap lyrics does not suggest a conspiracy by the entertainment industry to corrupt the youth of the nation.
  • Defending their intrusion into private life, they argued that their literature was neither salacious nor exploitive.
  • Spades is giving new salacious meaning to the phrase "former Clinton intern," although -- believe it or not -- Bill was not even involved! Chris Weigant: Friday Talking Points -- Newt Loses Two, Huntsman Gains An "H"
  • Yet the commission seems bound to uncover some salacious wrongdoings that will shape future reforms.
  • They included the lurid "Rubygate" scandal in which he was charged with having sex with an under-age prostitute, and a wave of salacious revelations from police wiretaps about alleged orgies at his luxurious Milan villa. Reuters: Press Release
  • Particularity objectionable to Judge Hand was the fact that the ‘details of the sex relations are set forth to attract readers to the story because of their salacious character’.
  • True, tabloid journalism is something invariably dirty and salacious that refuses to ever consider whether what it is doing is right.
  • As an artist, he has knowingly signed forged drawings and disavows responsibility for his sometimes salacious subject matter.
  • Despite the publicity gained by the more salacious tribunal cases, Lea believes that sexual misconduct at work is actually decreasing.
  • Once more, she tries to lull herself into dreamland via a salacious scenario starring herself and Riva.
  • The more covert and salacious these prints were, the more they were treasured by the general populace, who at such times were also frustrated by limits placed on their dress and behavior by strict sumptuary codes.
  • Who can resist a peek at the salaciousness seething behind the sober suits and marble halls of American government?
  • Despite the predictable salacious stories of Hollywood, the most explosive and emotionally affecting part of this book involves Eszterhas' father.
  • The salaciousness of a rumor often helps it survive.
  • His salacious grin faltered then disappeared and he glared at her, furious with himself for being tricked so easily.
  • During his first season with the Cowboys, Curry cooperated with reporters seeking to tell his salacious story and didn't hide from scrutiny.
  • She desperately wanted to rest, avoid the salacious Tinseltown gossip, and take control of her life.
  • But there is nothing like being able to offer salaciousness, in the guise of serious news, to arouse the viewing public. Rabbi Irwin Kula: The Roasting Of Weiner And The Public Good
  • Salacious in a grubby way; even in his peculations there was no magnificence.
  • The story is a classic one, well-told, managing to tread the difficult line between conveying thehorrific crime without salaciousness, and sympathy with the victim and her family. Book review
  • The theme is fetishism, but the treatment is anything but salacious.
  • As an artist, he has knowingly signed forged drawings and disavows responsibility for his sometimes salacious subject matter.
  • The gossip is usually more salacious, the stories downright dirtier and they tend to spend more money on wine.
  • The British media may be attacked for the weakness of its investigative reporting and the salaciousness and dodgy practices of the tabloids, but I would rather err on the side of a profession that is hard to control than one that is pliant. Privacy decisions can't just be left to judges and politicians
  • The award-winning British play promises a salacious good time with its decidedly postmodern take on gender and sexual power relationships in the middle ages.
  • Human nature is greedy, devious and sleazy, and most salacious tabloid stories are merely reflecting that fact.
  • He then regaled us with unfunny smut, which he seemed to think was sexy and salacious.
  • So that was my staff night out, no salacious gossip, no regretted snogs, no snogs at all in fact (well not on my part anyway), but I made some new friends and that is always a good thing.
  • His is the robust, Falstaffian humour of old England, which, I am glad to think, still exists in London and still pleases Londoners, in spite of efforts to Gallicize our entertainments and substitute obscenity and the salacious leer for honest fun and the frank roar of laughter. Nights in London
  • So what if the movies were little more than bookends for the disturbingly graphic short subjects, it was those inserts from whence the satisfaction, salaciousness, and serious dinero flowed.
  • The catalogue entry notes that the painting manages to avoid ‘indulging in the facile salaciousness of a Gerome.’
  • To her credit, Bennhold later admits that perineal therapy in France is, in fact, for incontinence and organ descent -- though she still adds emphatically "and to improve sex," as if this side benefit were salacious enough to discredit the legitimacy of perineal therapy as a health benefit worthy of social coverage. Debra Ollivier: What's Wrong with the (Fighting) French?
  • Major news media took the videos at face value back then, too, and broadcast, published, posted, and all-around trumpeted this "courageous" and--added bonus--salacious "reporting. Brian Palmer: O'Keefe vs. NPR: Round One Goes to the Kid
  • salacious limericks
  • Some activists are pressing hard on the "Foley Child Molestor" talking points because they believe this kind of salacious description is what it will take to win points in the next election. Susie Bright: I'm Not Feeling Foley
  • Even if you knew some delicious, salacious gossip, some tantalising indiscretion, to let it slip would feel like treason.
  • Speaking of Mr. Jackson's finances, Judge Pastor said he was unwilling to let the trial become a 'battle of accountants' or 'a salacious analysis of personal financial issues.'
  • She has branded allegations that she enjoyed a steamy clinch with a married man as totally ‘false and salacious’.
  • I thought it was going to be salacious photograph .... but that would be turning the word salacious on its head - 3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,27,28,29,30,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,41,42,48,49,50,52
  • America's Underage Drinking Epidemic promised a salacious exposé of youth gone very, very bad.
  • The hitherto unengaged viewer is lured or manipulated into the film's most salacious sequences.
  • Of course, on the downside, his trial will be a media circus and the seriousness of the allegations will undoubtedly take second billing to salacious celebrity gossip.
  • In an era when memoirs are often characterized by salacious confessions, historian Doris Kearns Goodwin restores a refreshing element of innocence to the genre in Wait Till Next Year…. Wait Till Next Year

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