How To Use Sainted In A Sentence

  • That's what will keep your memory on the "sainted" list. Financial Planning: Wills And Other Ways
  • Yeah, the way to win in the DEMOCRATIC primaries is to praise the "sainted" Republican president Ronald Reagan. Election Central | Talking Points Memo | Hillary Personally Slams Obama Over Reagan Comments
  • `Now, as my dear sainted daddy used to say, `a wishbone ain't no substitute fer a backbone! PAINT THE WIND
  • Alexander was lame, _pedibus contractus_, from his birth, we are told that after twenty-four years of pain and discomfort -- _vigintiquatuor annis penaliter laborabat_ -- he made a pilgrimage to Canterbury, and there "the sainted Thomas, the divine clemency aiding him, on the second day of the month of May did straightway restore his legs and feet, _bases et plantas_, to the same Alexander. The Cathedral Church of Canterbury [2nd ed.].
  • I bugled him and boosted him and succored him and damn near sainted him. Brian Joseph Davis: A Horrifying Satire of Hollywood Returns
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  • It was a fascinating story and well worth the telling, but is it likely or possible that Davis was really so sainted?
  • King Olaf, who was later sainted, more or less imposed Christianity on his people by force.
  • The "sainted" Ronald Reagan went to a car assembly plant, got on a podium in the parking lot, and told the car workers his beliefs. Just Showing Up is Half the Battle
  • She told my sainted mother that she was an idolatress — she who only idolatrises her children! The Newcomes
  • My sainted aunt! Whatever next?
  • In 1243 a Ferrara writer was at Padua, and while attending vespers at the tomb where the sainted body of the Minorite Three Thousand Years of Mental Healing
  • How she must hate looking more like her faithless aunt than her sainted mother. FLIGHT LESSONS
  • There are people who think she should be sainted in the Catholic Church.
  • Those wearing the Purple Heart are in a unique group that have achieved a kind of sainted status in all U.S. military services. Some Military Perspective On The Walter Reed Hospital Situation
  • He was a boor and a bully then who coasted to office on his fleshy, redneck looks and his father's reputation as the "sainted" legendary football coach of the Redskins. VA-SEN: Mike Stark Details Allen Tackle Episode; Faults Media's Soft Coverage Of Race
  • He is roasted as often as he is sainted, as when these actors discuss their estrangement from him.
  • In the previous government, there were many ministers who were members of the Opus Dei, which is a very fundamentalist Catholic sect that was created by a Spanish priest who was recently sainted by the Pope.
  • This week I want to know how many of you believe the Pope should be sainted
  • For as long as Daria could remember, Chloe had uttered that prayer every time she got in a car -- even after St. Christopher had been de sainted Chloe had a bit of the rebel in her. Dolls
  • He thanked me many times for what he termed my fidelity to his sainted friend. Autobiography of a female slave,
  • Hungary's historic Constitution, dating back to the sainted King Stephen I early in the 11 th century, affirmed the ownership of all land by the Holy Crown, i.e., the nation as a whole.
  • And as for Saints, sainted damfools, more the like.
  • And when Father O’Táighléir chanced by one time, collecting for the Chinese missions, he said, “A word missus,” and was off explaining how the Volunteers were decent honest Catholic sons of Ireland and of the Church, whose leaders in the tradition of this sainted isle were poets as much as gentlemen. At Swim, Two Boys
  • How she must hate looking more like her faithless aunt than her sainted mother. FLIGHT LESSONS
  • My poor, sainted Charles left me enough to live on as long as a poor, lorn, lone creeter like me wants ter live. How Janice Day Won
  • For as long as Daria could remember, Chloe had uttered that prayer every time she got in a car -- even after St. Christopher had been de sainted Chloe had a bit of the rebel in her. Dolls
  • The tag nullified her and vilified her and turned her into a sainted lost daughter and a slut. My Dark Places
  • Because the "sainted" democrats did NOTHING TO ENSURE that the US population understood the terms. Impeachment; a Challenge to Dem Integrity and Courage
  • Still, she is hanging my work and will be sainted for it, in a weak moment I might have given her one.
  • The silken singsong voice, the candelabrum, the welded dimples and fluty presence, the references to his sainted mother Frances, all made him a figure of fun - the Gorgeous George of mid-cult music.
  • This man was railroaded by a zealot government, the "sainted" Republicans. Video Topic: Freedom Under Fire?
  • The second Sunday after Easter is now dedicated to the Divine Mercy - a new feast day instituted by John Paul himself based on the visions of his sainted compatriot, Faustina Kowalska.
  • `It's hard to reconcile the femme fatale image with Carrie's sainted benefactor. PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW
  • my sainted mother
  • Hi ntsc, your wife ought to be sainted, that is an amazing amout of work, good on her. At My Table
  • Villeneuve is a fine driver when he is in the mood, perhaps as good as anyone in Formula One bar the sainted Schumacher, but he is a difficult man to motivate at the best of times and his mood is foul for the moment.
  • Few today realize the intense devotion to Christ in the early church and in our sainted martyrs.
  • Wenceslas was buried elsewhere initially, moved to St. Vitus’ at a later date, and sainted.
  • (This one is useful because Clinton supporters like to conflate race-baiting with crude racism, and then get all huffy and say how dare you call the sainted Clintons racist. Video: Obama's South Carolina Victory Speech
  • It had been inspired by his wife Matilda II, whom he had married in 1100, the daughter of the sainted Queen Margaret of Scotland.
  • Those awarded congressional gold medals have not led sainted lives.

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