How To Use Sadhu In A Sentence

  • Only three sadhus, with straggling long hair and fierce beards, were immediately identifiable; the rest, we learned later, consisted of servants and assorted bhakts who had attached themselves to the temple.
  • If skimpy clothing is the lifeline of the ramp, the biggest fashion show is staged on the banks of Ganges every twelfth year when thousands of Naga sadhus parade without even a stitch on their body.
  • Thomas Kelly A group of sadhus engage in an austerity called the panch-agni-tapasya, or five fire practice, in which pieces of burning cow dung are placed around the Sadhu as he meditates or performs hatha yoga. Understanding the Sadhu's Mysteries
  • They give donations to the sadhus - regarded as offerings to the gods - and get their blessing in return.
  • Some are holding beautiful flower garlands and decorations they hope to offer the sadhus as they pass.
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  • Tales of plentiful pearls, exotic spices, and ascetic holy men, like the present-day sadhu shown here, appear in pages on India in Marco's book from the late 1290s, The Description of the World.
  • It was at times as if the Western press was reflecting the images of a colonial India: mysterious Pagan rites, naked sadhus, teeming masses praying to an alien God.
  • Thomas Kelly This fierce-looking Sadhu from a Shaivite akhara, or militant sub-sect historically created to protect the scholarly sadhus, displays his sword and nag-phani, or serpent horn. Understanding the Sadhu's Mysteries
  • The film also has its own spiritual touch: many images of flying birds, water shots of the director swimming lyrically with his girlfriend, even an inspiring Himalaya climb with a sadhu, with a gorgeous "heaven on earth" shot of a lake snuggled in icy mountains. Karin Badt: David Lynch and Transcendental Meditation: David Wants to Fly
  • After participating in the Kumbha Mela, they went on a pilgrimage to various shrines, temples, and to yogis and sadhus, many of whom he had studied with while learning tantra, Ayurveda, occult teaching and yoga.
  • Rishikesh is much more of a cosmopolitan, tourist attraction than Haridwar: it is full of ashrams, sadhus and international visitors attending yoga and meditation courses.
  • Other sadhus practise what they call 'austerities', many of which involve self-mortification. Times, Sunday Times
  • Sadhus in loincloths chant mantras while Bollywood theme tunes blare from tinny speakers. Times, Sunday Times
  • India is the birthplace of Hinduism as well as Buddhism, motherland of Sikhs and Jains, the abode of more rishis, sadhus, mahatmas, and maharishis than any place on earth.
  • In India, a holy man traditionally went through four stages: student, householder (good so far), forest-dweller (what??) and then sadhu -- a wandering beggar in search of moksha (liberation). Archive 2009-09-01
  • It is our opinion that ashrams developed by a sadhu should be run by sadhus after the founder's passing.
  • During Muslim and British times, the mela gathering of pilgrims and sadhus was a significant force in the preservation of Hinduism and the continued identity of India as a Hindu nation.
  • A person undertaking such a practice is known as a sadhu or a sadhaka. Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions
  • It is our opinion that ashrams developed by a sadhu should be run by sadhus after the founder's passing.
  • Like all the sects, its majority are devout families, headed by hundreds of orders of swamis and sadhus who follow the fiery, world-renouncing path to moksha.
  • Kaydrub Norzang-gyatso favors Sadhuputra's generation stage ritual (bskyed-chog), while Kaydrubjey follows the Kalachakrapada tradition [transmitted by Vibhutichandra to Buton]. Question Sessions with H. H. the Fourteenth Dalai Lama Concerning the Kalachakra Initiation ��� 3 Tibetan Traditions of Kalachakra
  • It was an occasion for all of the sadhus and yogis to be in one place so that seekers could find them.
  • The last half an hour is a meditation at the sacred samadhi of Sadhu Vaswani.
  • I took a carotid pulse and found that the sadhu was still alive. SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 1074
  • I took the wrong street and found one sadhu right on the riverbanks, which they called the Ghat, and then I said, "Oh, yeah, the holy men are generally by the holy river of the Ganges," so I traversed back and forth from one end of the Ganges to the other when I should've gone back to my original starting point and taken a different road. Amazing Race's Ron and Christina: We Were Very Aware of Our Physical Limitations
  • Some of the sadhus were distinctly scary - like the Aghoris with their bells and boar tusks and magic mantras, who insulted their amused but decorous Nepalese audience.
  • As the debate rages in the West about the ungodly behavior of godly men, a series of sex scandals involving India's assortment of god men -- called sadhu, baba or swami -- is making skeptics out of many Indians. Swami Sex Scandals Have India Questioning An Ancient Traditiong
  • Sometime before the age of 20, he was initiated into sannyas by an old sadhu named Pandit Devi Sahaya Shukla.
  • As assorted sadhus and sants hogged the front pages of newspapers and prime time television, our elected Members of Parliament could not do any of their routine work.
  • Sadhus belong to many different sects or orders.
  • Ramachandra (Victory to Ramachandra) roza ryot - peasant, farmer sadhu sanatanji (Hindu) sannyasi satyagraha satyagrahi seth, sheth APPENDIX I
  • Though Shiva is popularly known as the God of Destruction, for sadhus he is foremost the Master of Yogis.
  • Thomas Kelly It's easy to idealize the Sadhus or mythologize them. Understanding the Sadhu's Mysteries
  • It mentions that holy sadhus in Borgampad carry ritualistic water vessels, called kamandals, made from a fruit resembling female butt-cheeks. The Fruit Hunters
  • Many of the pilgrims and sadhus carry plastic sheets and umbrellas over their heads.
  • The sadhu was a heavy man too, with long white hair tied up in a knot and many beads around his neck. undefined
  • I had been actively involved in negotiations with sadhus, saints and Muslim ulama for an amicable and peaceful solution to the Ayodhya tangle.
  • The stay of sadhus has been arranged at schools and temples with proper basic amenities and free langer. Entire administration gear up in view of Amarnath Yatra
  • According to an ancient tale, there was once a Muslim shepherd named Buta Malik who was given a sack of coal by a sadhu.
  • Days like this become a file of lingering images: women winnowing grain, children carrying almost their own weight in firewood, and meeting a Hindu sadhu on pilgrimage.
  • In ecstasy, the disciples prepared a huge feast, the guru ate heartily and the ashrama was once again a happy home for sadhus.
  • Justin sat silhouetted against the river bank, gaping at a bunch of Naga sadhus smoking chillum.
  • The common devotee should ascertain the sadhu's level of knowledge and devotion, and who is his guru and lineage.
  • There are also reports of how youngsters in Jammu city are being lured towards these chillum smoking sadhus who have free access to intoxicants.
  • There is no question that the Spirit is very much present in India: everywhere you go, you find ashrams, yogis, sadhus, ordinary people practicing meditation or pranayama.
  • India is the birthplace of Hinduism as well as Buddhism, motherland of Sikhs and Jains, the abode of more rishis, sadhus, mahatmas, and maharishis than any place on earth.
  • I think the king's grief carried away some of his reason – it sometimes happens so, you know – for when Hari sent him a faqir to tell him that the gods had punished him for being so happy and foretasting heaven on earth, and that he must atone by becoming a Sadhu himself, he objected not, but listened calmly and obeyed. Love and Life Behind the Purdah
  • Those who follow the fast track, mostly men, are the sadhus, the ‘holy men’ of India.

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