How To Use Sackful In A Sentence

  • Saxon got a sackful of the fish, and was compelled to make two trips in order to carry them home, where she salted them down in a wooden washtubs. CHAPTER XVI
  • I insist on being read each and every one, so that I may duly reward each well-wisher with a sackful of sugar beets from the Zweibel ancestral home in Prussia.
  • A ballad that Thompson plays live tells Shakespeare's tale of the King of France sending Henry V a sackful of tennis balls, insinuating that he should be playing games, not fighting wars.
  • If I buy a sackful of potatoes from a farmer, that may well incentivize him to plant some more, especially if I've made a standing offer to pay him for a new sack (like the copyright law does). Lessig on Copyright, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • The guard, who had been speaking frantically into some kind of communicating device, fell like a sackful of potatoes.
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  • If we had hung this little scrote, there wouldn't be a whole sackful of our money wasted on his appeal!
  • As word of Balboa's discovery spread, other Spaniards headed for the Gulf of Panama and returned with sackfuls of pearls.
  • Almost every assertion is backed by a sackful of evidence, statistics or relevant quotations.
  • When Edward O'Reilly bought the manuscript library of the poet and scribe Muiris Ó Gormáin in 1794 it amounted to five sackfuls.
  • One stall sold a dozen different types of beancurd; others displayed great sackfuls of glossy red chillies and pink Sichuan pepper, or enormous clay urns filled with rice wine.
  • Three or four of the party had ventured out, and we had secured a large sackful, after which we all retired to the tent, except one of our number, who, having a lady-love in Cardwell with an inordinate affection for shell-fish, lingered to fill a haversack for his 'inamorata'. Australian Search Party
  • And one more southern rock choice in the soundtrack, I was going to go home and invent a time machine, go back in time, and sneak a sackful of rabid weasels onto Skynyrd's plane so I'd know that during the entire crash, they were ALSO being tormented by the weasel bites. Archive 2005-04-03
  • While all this was under way, out of the white dimness came the contractor, carrying four wooden stakes, a heavy sackful of something, and two bottles of sake; and knowing exactly what to do.
  • He's left the museum, started his own company, and is making money by the sackful. Night at the Museum: Battle for Your Heart
  • Why should he grow more when he can just sell me the old sackful over and over again? Lessig on Copyright, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • A Health board faces the threat of prosecution and a hefty fine following the discovery of several sackfuls of waste in a field near one of its clinics.
  • If I was down to one rifle it would be due to a situation beyond my control so I would hang onto my Ruger 10/22 plus a sackful of 30 shot magazines to go with several bricks of ammo. If You could have just one rifle...
  • Bright-eyed, Johannes quickly gathered a sackful of colours and brushes, and a large rolled drawing which had been lying in wait. DREAMS OF INNOCENCE
  • But then, curiously, he did not snarl contemptuously that they were wrong and that he had a sackful of lawyers to say so.
  • If I buy a sackful of potatoes from a farmer, that may well incentivize him to plant some more, especially if I've made a standing offer to pay him for a new sack (like the copyright law does). Lessig on Copyright, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • Most vendors arrive by the droves from villages every day, carrying sackfuls of vegetables.
  • Bobby Moore, leader of the celebrated band who also died tragically early, had his sackful of memories sold by his first wife, Tina, to his beloved West Ham. Tears for souvenirs as Best and Stiles memorabilia go up for auction
  • The contingent from the Royal Regiment - formerly the Lancashire Fusiliers - brought a sackful of cuddly toys to hand out as presents.
  • Yes, it would have been lekker to bring home sackfuls of medals but the reality is that we're only just beginning to produce our great athletes.
  • They don't fool me in their red vans and their long white beards and their false ho ho ho laughs, coming down your chimney at Christmas with sackfuls of letters.
  • A sackful of medals followed, and his partnership with John Toshack is still talked about by misty-eyed Liverpool fans even today.
  • Nelson Mandela must occasionally wonder if his real birthplace is not actually somewhere in west central Scotland as the postman brings the puzzled old freedom fighter yet another sackful of certificates, baubles and doctorates from right honourable and worshipful baillies, provosts and presiding officers. All hail the Robert Burns of our day | Kevin McKenna
  • Of course, if you want to read every word of every story...' The arrival of yet another sackful from the Gazette had been a clincher. CASCADES - THE DAY OF THE DEAD
  • Alight with enthusiasm, Professor Kaplan's conversation ranges from the ribald ditties sung by bakers kneading the dough in 18th-century France to recent moves for millers to supply flour in smaller and easier-to-lift sackfuls so as to encourage female recruits to the profession. The Best Baguette in Paris
  • Money could be made out of them, and he would wait and take a sackful of it into the South Seas. Chapter 42
  • Five minutes into Double Agent – the Eddie Chapman Story BBC2 our bespectacled presenter Ben McIntyre has leapt from the cargo door of a Nazi plane, blown open a locked safe and done a runner in the London underground clutching a sackful of stolen banknotes. TV review: Double Agent - the Eddie Chapman Story; Imagine … Alan Ayckbourn - Greetings From Scarborough
  • Under cover of darkness, and armed with sackfuls of rubbish, he wreaks havoc on the tidy town's effort, dumping in areas which have recently been cleaned up by local environmentalists.
  • The gingerbread man poured a sackful of coals into the brazier. THE RIVAL QUEENS: A COUNTESS ASHBY DE LA ZOUCHE MYSTERY

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