1. a double curve resembling the letter S
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How To Use S-shape In A Sentence

  • The "hemispherical" firing chamber delivers more power than one that is typically slanted or miss-shapened. EveryJoe
  • Specifically, I want one overstable disc that will fly an S-shaped path. Hushed Casket Recent Posts
  • The anhinga is a large bird with a long S-shaped neck and a long pointed bill.
  • Even stranger, a strong S-shaped flexure in the cervical series (not obvious in live animals because of pectoral air sacs) means that the anterior part of the neck can be rapidly retracted into the thorax. Archive 2006-04-01
  • The cerebral scion approximated the appearance of the Regent's living computer, and floated in a tall, clear fluid bubble chamber that was set into an hourglass-shaped base.
  • At the same time, water also condenses on the adjacent spore surface and a lens-shaped "adaxial drop" develops. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • The laccolith (Greek laccos, cistern; lithos, stone) is a variety of intrusive masses in which molten rock has spread between the strata, and, lifting the strata above it to a dome - shaped form, has collected beneath them in a lens-shaped body with The Elements of Geology
  • For a more casual look, the sash belt is styled over everything from glamorous cocktail dresses and hourglass-shaped suits to coats and trousers.
  • Master Pucklechurch growled at first, and foretold that nothing would come of "thicken a '"; that the "mangled weazel," as he called the mangel wurzel, would not grow; and that the cows would never eat "that there red clover as they calls apollyon;" but when the mangel swelled into splendid crimson root and the cows throve upon the bright fields of trifolium, he was as proud as any one, and he showed off the sleek sides of the kine, and the big mis-shapen roots of the beet with the utmost satisfaction. The Carbonels
  • The curve can even bend twice, twisting the back into an S-shape, though this is often unnoticeable and the back can appear quite straight because the curves counteract each other.
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