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[ US /ˌɹudəˈmɛntɝi/ ]
[ UK /ɹˌuːdɪmˈɛntəɹi/ ]
  1. not fully developed in mature animals
    rudimentary wings
  2. being or involving basic facts or principles
    a fundamental incompatibility between them
    the fundamental laws of the universe
    underlying principles
    these rudimentary truths
  3. being in the earliest stages of development
    rudimentary plans
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How To Use rudimentary In A Sentence

  • Third, the conical re-entry vehicle was a vast improvement on the rudimentary models put on parade in the past. Times, Sunday Times
  • For a very long time ecclesiastics were the only keepers and users of documents and books, and for these precious materials they created special although rudimentary structures: the library, the archive, the scriptorium.
  • The classroom equipment is pretty rudimentary.
  • Even my feet are beginning to move slightly and it takes bombs to bring out any rudimentary terpsichorean talents that I possess.
  • Indeed, it is a sad comment about the world in which we live that most women in the so called 'Third World do not have access to even the most rudimentary gynaecological or obstetric healthcare and that vaginal fistulae are so common. The Invention of the Sims Speculum - Surgical Improvisation
  • They instantly fall into certain companionable roles: the smartest one lends an educated perspective on a topic, the most outrageous one cracks the kind of jokes she wouldn’t dare to if a man were around, the least intellectually secure one feels safe enough to ask the most rudimentary questions. The Uses of Enchantment
  • Pistillate flowers have the same perianth but the number of parts is more variable; staminodes are well developed with or without a rudimentary anther.
  • Near the boathouse was a larger display, several easels with work clearly by the same artist, the featured artist, Derek Huff, who stood bathing in the glory offered him by the people of that rural and rudimentary county. Vermilion Drift
  • Sorry to bother you with such a rudimentary question.
  • Street sweeping requires a rudimentary understanding of how a brush works. Times, Sunday Times
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