How To Use Royal line In A Sentence

  • She's very proud of her ancient royal lineage.
  • For we have already held conference with these men, and they have told us that the king desireth not to lose thy support, since of the royal line so few remain alive. De Re Militari: The Society for Medieval Military History » Episodes of Medieval Warfare from the History of the Franks by Gregory of Tours
  • A finely carved hieroglyphic text with the early history of Tikal's royal lineage is on the back.
  • She's very proud of her ancient royal lineage.
  • Or, the triple invocation is to give intensity to the call for attention to the announcement of the end of the royal line, so far as Jehoiachin's seed is concerned. Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible
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  • His mother, always prone to periods of melancholy and depression, mourned the Old Regime and believed that the legitimists could reconquer France and restore both the royal line and true religion.
  • His royal lineage is traced back to an association between a princess and a leopard. Times, Sunday Times
  • The death knell for the royal line rang out across the besieged tower as a noticeable dent began to appear in the door of the chamber.
  • The chief of these were the Burgundians, who were the first to establish themselves in burgs, in the country between the Alps and the Rhone, and were already Christians; and the Franks, who came over the Rhine, and whose royal line was properly called the Salic (from the river Yssel), but is also known as the Meerwings (sons of Meerwig), and as the Long-haired, because unshorn locks were a token of royal descent. A Parallel History of France and England; Consisting of Outlines and Dates
  • The ideal candidate would have a royal lineage and pedigree which would enhance the position of the upstart Pahlavi monarchy, as well as political connections which would help Iran's power in the region.
  • She's very proud of her ancient royal lineage.
  • On the left are ranged the presidents of the US, on the right the royal line of Ur and Babylon.
  • Martin's hilarious account of Boswell's attempting to impress the King of Prussia by wearing a fetching Scottish bonnet is matched, deliciously, by Sisman's description of Boswell's announcing his connection to the Scottish royal line to the Hanoverian George III, who was distinctly unamused. Bozzy's Life
  • Jesus is a Hebrew descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, a man of royal lineage descended from the renowned King David.

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