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  • Society under the name of the 'Royal Academy of Arts in London,' graciously declaring himself the patron, protector, and supporter thereof, and commanding it should be established under the forms and regulations thereinafter set forth, which had been humbly laid before his Majesty, and had received his royal assent and approbation. Art in England Notes and Studies
  • Radamisto was the first opera that Handel wrote for the fledgling Royal Academy of Music.
  • Newton's more difficult texts were distilled to their essentials and popularised in pamphlets and lecture tours by senior scientists from the Royal Academy.
  • Sent to Australia for every crime you'd care to mention, Billie Gould is given the task by the prison surgeon, one of the many certifiable characters in the novel, to paint exotic fish for the Royal Academy back home in London.
  • Back in the car, K and I set off for London, where we will be spending the rest of the day with British Museum and Royal Academy at their gaff in Brixton.
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  • When I was 18 I landed a job as an exhibitions dogsbody at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.
  • Below the grand galleries and displays of old and modern masters, the Royal Academy is investing in a new generation of artists.
  • While in London, she served as concertmaster of the Royal Academy Chamber Orchestra.
  • Among the honours which Mansion received was election to the Royal Academy of Belgium.
  • Wilkie became an associate and then a member of the Royal Academy while very young; he was knighted and made a painter to the King.
  • His eldest son went to the Royal Academy of Music, even though he couldn't read music at the time - he just had a great ear for it.
  • But Watteau never signed or dated his work, and not a single scrap of documentary evidence in his own hand survives - save, possibly, the word "doublure" "lining" inscribed next to the cape of a male figure in a sketch, which can be seen in the Royal Academy's superb new exhibition. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph
  • On Saturday we jumped on a bus and headed for the William Nicholson exhibition at the Royal Academy.
  • The Friends of the Royal Academy raised £10 000 towards the cost of the exhibition.
  • In the late 70s, a movement known variously as neo-expressionism or New Image Painting revived gestural figurative styles, with an institutional seal of approval given by the Royal Academy's The Guardian World News
  • Only last year, a Royal Academy of Arts touring workshop was not allowed to employ nude models to pose for art students.
  • He later studied at the Royal Academy.
  • It was well placed in the Royal Academy, and was favourably noticed by the critics.
  • She gave an address to the Royal Academy.
  • The company is part of The Royal Academy of Dancing and gives hundreds of young northern hopefuls the chance to star on the stage.
  • Prior to the speech, G. Liljestrand, member of the Royal Academy of Sciences, addressed the laureate: A great physiologist from the 19th century once coined the expression, "The method is everything". Georg von Békésy - Banquet Speech
  • The Friends of the Royal Academy raised £10 000 towards the cost of the exhibition.
  • He was in Radio Times as a strip cartoon for eight years and his portrait has hung in the Royal Academy.
  • She studied life drawing, collage and printmaking at the Camden Arts Centre and is a frequent exhibitor at the Royal Academy.
  • By 1936 she was exhibiting at the Royal Academy.
  • He was in Radio Times as a strip cartoon for eight years and his portrait has hung in the Royal Academy.
  • At the private view of that year's Royal Academy Summer Exhibition she met the architect and put the proposition to him.
  • Market Woman of Dordrecht" is clever and well drawn, and deserves the commendation which it received when it was exhibited last year in the Royal Academy. Art and Handicraft in the Woman's Building of the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893
  • Helen went to the Royal Academy, but when asked to deliver her report upon the pictures she began to recite from a pale blue volume, O! for the touch of a vanished hand and the sound of a voice that is still. Monday or Tuesday
  • His mother encouraged him to play piano as a toddler, and by 11 he won a scholarship to study at the Royal Academy of Music.
  • In 1957 when he painted an Ann portrait for the Royal Academy he said it was his god-daughter, but later that story changed.
  • It would be nice to say that the exhibition at the Royal Academy until 18 April confutes received wisdom.
  • By the time I first came to live in England in the 1960s, and for years thereafter, the obsoleteness of the Royal Academy as a benign factor in the life of contemporary art was simply assumed as a fact.
  • After a short excursion into the field of metallurgy, he studied painting and etching at the Royal Academy in London and later at a private art school in Paris.
  • Turk's work was included in the influential exhibition Sensation: Young British Artists from the Saatchi Collection in 1997 at the Royal Academy of Arts, London.
  • Albert Richardson, KCVO, one-time President of the Royal Academy, whose love for the Georgian period is legendary and was reflected in his work as an architect. - Business News
  • Her father was a steel pan tuner and her mother an accomplished violinist from the Royal Academy of Music.
  • He painted hundreds - if not thousands - of them in the course of his career, portraits of men and women painted from models posing for still life classes at the Royal Academy.
  • London: The Royal Academy's best rooms look even more handsome than usual with the installation of "Andrea Palladio: His Life and Legacy," an exhibition celebrating the quincentenary of the influential architect's birth. Palladio's Oeuvre: Majestic, Beautiful, But Also Functional
  • He was in Radio Times as a strip cartoon for eight years and his portrait has hung in the Royal Academy.
  • For his work, Lemaitre was inducted as a member of the Royal Academy of Belgium.
  • Then there's Queen Mary's doll house, made on the whim of ... the queen's cousin, Princess Marie Louise, who discussed her idea with one of the top architects of the time, Sir Edwin Lutyens at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition of 1921. Archive 2008-08-01
  • Trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Howard performed in straight plays on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Long after the artist's death, the King opposed the Royal Academy's proposal of 1805 to erect a monument to Reynolds at St Paul's.
  • English landscape painter and draughtsman, Farington studied at the Royal Academy from its foundation in 1768, becoming an unofficial but influential part of its government.
  • The house band, featuring Phil Collins on drums and the Royal Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra, will accompany the concert.
  • The Royal Academy of Music's Symphony Orchestra will accompany the concert, conducted by Musical Director Michael Kamen.
  • Methody are overwhelming favourites to copper-fasten their grip on the old trophy but Ballyclare are battle hardened having seen off Grosvenor, Bangor Grammar and Belfast Royal Academy. - Frontpage RSS Feed
  • Henry Spencer Ashbee was a senior partner in a silk mercers, a collector of watercolours and a corresponding member of the Royal Academy of Madrid.
  • In her time at the Royal Academy she remembered buskers in the tube, but they played rock or sometimes jazz.
  • His work includes a fresco, Autumn, in a lunette of the Royal Academy's restaurant, and he also painted landscapes, interiors, and historical scenes, but he is best known as a portraitist.
  • The portrait appears to have been painted to mark the Royal Academy's move to purpose-built premises in Somerset House in 1780 and to publish the message abroad Green was commissioned to make a fine mezzotint of the subject.
  • In so doing, Coram created London's first art gallery, a precursor of the Royal Academy.
  • It was well placed in the Royal Academy, and was favourably noticed by the critics.
  • He stopped showing at the Royal Academy when his paintings were contemptuously "skied" (hung high on the wall). June 2008
  • In addition there are seventeen pictures by masters with some connection to Raphael, as well as, curiously, a cast of Michelangelo's marble tondo at the Royal Academy.
  • But in the late 18th century, Fuseli, and for a short time Barry also, were prominent members of the young Royal Academy of Arts (RA) and influential professors of painting there.
  • Babylonic smoke, working up his sketches into certain unspeakable pictures, with which the world will be astonished, or otherwise, at the next Royal Academy Exhibition; while I, for whom another fortnight of pure western air remains, am off to well-known streams, to be in time for the autumn floods, and the shoals of fresh-run salmon trout. Prose Idylls, New and Old
  • All the dictionaries will have to be remade, which is good for selling the Royal Academy's dictionary, which they keep producing as though it's the Bible. NYT > Home Page
  • [Footnote 2: In his early days the President of the Royal Academy painted a very striking portrait of Jane Porter, as "Miranda," and Harlowe painted her in the canoness dress of the order of St. Joachim.] International Weekly Miscellany - Volume 1, No. 7, August 12, 1850
  • Fragile letters in which the painter Vincent van Gogh revealed the precarious state of his mental health and finances will be displayed next winter at the Royal Academy, it was announced today.
  • In fact the Academy did, in 1890, enter into an agreement to "give, grant, assign, transfer, convey, and make over" to the State its collection of antiquities; but the agreement also specified that the "charge and custody of the said collection… shall remain with the said Royal Irish Academy, subject to such regulations and directions as may from time to time be prescribed by the [State] … but so as to leave the Royal Academy as unfettered in the charge and management of the Museum [collection] as circumstances will allow. 'Treasures of Early Irish Art': An Exchange
  • He leads a tour for Friends of the Royal Academy to Picasso museums and sites in Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga.
  • Above the entrance to the antechapel, covering almost the entire wall above the door, is Giampetrino's 15th century copy of Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper, on loan from the Royal Academy.

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