How To Use Rowdyism In A Sentence

  • There were people visibly drunk on the streets this weekend and there is a lot of rowdyism in the town in general.
  • Mindful of her, Granddad told McCann that he in every speech on civil rights had tried to curb the “rowdyism and hooliganism” of die-hard segregationists by appealing to southern pride. Going Home to Glory
  • I say that I can picture to myself easily the sad earnestness with which you now point the thick thumb of your editorial refinement in deprecation of my choicer "rowdyism"? The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  • Only Mrs Norton, having deposited her grey satin magnificence upon the sofa, protested mutely against what she considered a tendency to 'rowdyism' in her hostess; flirted -- intellectually -- with any one who had the hardihood to sit near her; and on the stroke of ten rose with a suppressed yawn and a transparently insincere little speech about an enjoyable evening. The Great Amulet
  • From what I have seen, however, I should be now led to think that there was at least as much vice, and of what we call rowdyism, in Richmond, as in any Northern town of its size. A Journey in the Seaboard Slave States; With Remarks on Their Economy
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  • A clampdown on late night rowdyism and vandalism has been promised this week by the authorities in Laois.
  • Communist Party of India Marxist a lot of opportunism, strategies of militancy attract unruly types who straddle the border line between rebellion and mere rowdyism. Archive 2006-08-01
  • Late night rowdyism in the town could decrease now that local authorities have new powers to curb anti-social behaviour.
  • The general rowdyism was at its height, when some one had the happy idea that Krafft should sing them his newest song. Maurice Guest
  • His love-making is passionate and impulsive, joyous almost to rowdyism. The Confessions of a Beachcomber
  • At ten o'clock, despite the fact that the police were present to control any undue rowdyism, the gates were closed.
  • There is an air of bored resignation among our police forces about rowdyism on estates. The Sun
  • Hans Frederick Unmann was born 1932 in Dresden, married at eighteen, divorced at nineteen, dismissed from the Young Communists for rowdyism (criminal charges for assault dropped). Gorky Park
  • The roads resound with atrocious profanity, and the rowdyism of the saloons and bar-rooms is repressed, not extirpated. A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains
  • Fighting, rowdyism and general mayhem erupted on the quiet main street of Abbeyleix on Sunday last.
  • I suppose there was more turbulence and what would be called rowdyism in my day than now. Autobiography of Seventy Years, Vol. 1-2
  • Perhaps you wonder how so numerous a race of these beings has come to exist; but that boy at your elbow, bending under the weight of his literary burden, is a colporteur for converting the men and women of this "enlightened nation" to rowdyism. The Elements of Character

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