How To Use Round robin In A Sentence

  • Remember sleepovers and campouts where you'd sit around a fire and tell scary stories in a Round Robin?
  • Everyone wants to win the round robin: four teams of five once a week. Times, Sunday Times
  • The last event was the traditional tug-of-war, in which a round robin knockout decided the winner.
  • `Miss Doyle, those who sign such a thing- a round robin - mean to make dangerous trouble. STONE THE CROWS, IT'S A VACUUM-CLEANER
  • Israel sent a formidable team that racked up a massive 22-point average in the Round Robin, then steamrollered strong sides from Sweden and France in the semi-final and final respectively. The greatest kibitzer of all time
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  • As well as the endless boasting, some round robin writers subject you to endless moaning.
  • For me, a round robin just doesn't work. The Sun
  • Diversion across the Fairfax bridge takes the driver into some of the scuzziest parts of KCK, and another alternative to I-635, I-435, is a long run around Robin Hood's barn. Sending the next wave
  • On Friday afternoon the First XV left for their vital Round Robin match against Seapoint in Dublin and overnighter in The Red Cow Hotel.
  • Axelrod's 14 - player Prisoner's Dilemma round robin tournament was played on a computer.
  • I remember spending hours mooching round Robinson's records and the Church Street market.
  • The 16 players in each category will be paired in a round robin system with the top eight qualifying for the final round.
  • Both Sabre teams finished third in their respective pools after round robin play and advanced to their respective divisional play-off rounds.
  • The tournament is played on a round robin basis, with each team playing every other team.
  • Niverville rolled through the round robin at the provincials without a loss scoring four straight-set victories.
  • Axelrod's 14 - Prisoner's Dilemma round robin tournament was played on a computer.
  • They had their moments though - take this exciting deal against Australia in the round robin. Times, Sunday Times
  • Throw in all the illegal bets made with bookies and on private wagers, and it adds up to an estimated $4.5 billion laid out on the annual round robin.
  • The 16 players in each category will be paired in a round robin system with the top eight qualifying for the final round.
  • A : Shall we adopt the round robin system or the knock - out system?
  • Betting types are also varied and include everything from straight bets to a full array of mixed-sport parlays, teasers, if bets, round robins and futures.
  • All team competitions were a round robin affair with each team playing the other once.
  • Incredibly, all six teams in the provincial tournament finished with 1-1 round robin records, as tie-breaking formulas were utilized to break the logjam.
  • I failed to find the winning line on this deal from our world championship round robin match against Poland. Times, Sunday Times
  • Did you sign that round robin that was sent to the manager this week?
  • The round robin nature of the Super Six was always its weakness. The Sun
  • We have tested the round robin, we figured out it's not working and we are probably going to get rid of it. Times, Sunday Times
  • There was a massive swing on this deal from early in the round robin. Times, Sunday Times
  • The names of the two other semi-finalists were not decided until the final match in the round robin series. ITF World of Tennis
  • But a round robin is not addressed to an individual. Blaikie's Guide to Modern Manners
  • Kay had dislocated her left kneecap in her semi - final match of the round robin tournament.
  • The format for the three day competition is two foursomes and five singles and the other countries participating in the round robin series are England, Sweden and Wales.

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