[ US /ˈɹɑzən/ ]
[ UK /ɹˈɒsɪn/ ]
  1. rub rosin onto
    rosin the violin bow
  1. any of a class of solid or semisolid viscous substances obtained either as exudations from certain plants or prepared by polymerization of simple molecules
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How To Use rosin In A Sentence

  • The Vulgate has resinam, rendered "rosin" in the Douay Easton's Bible Dictionary
  • In a study of guinea pigs, oral administration of diiodotyrosine prevented alterations in thyroid and pituitary function induced by ovariectomy.
  • On oxygen 24-hours-a-day, the 54-year-old suffers from cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis.
  • Michael Plouffe , 31, of Old Lyme, Conn., had been trying for four years to get a claim approved based on sclerosing mesenteritis, a disease that causes inflammation of the small intestine. Two Lawyers Strike Gold In U.S. Disability System
  • - Amino acid deficiency - Amino acids such as phenylalanine, tyrosine and tryptophan provide the basis for the body's production of important neuro-transmitters in the body. Netvouz - new bookmarks
  • It is remarkable that the principle fluorophore is derived from a triplet of adjacent amino acids: the serine, tyrosine, and glycine residues at locations 65, 66, and 67 (referred to as Ser65, Tyr66, and Gly67; see Figure 2). Archive 2005-10-01
  • (I'm never home when it's on anyway) and setting the DVR to record it for later viewing seems more than I'm willing to do to expose my brain to the neuron-apoptosing and - necrosing antivaccinationist stupidity that Jenny routinely lays down, as lately I've been questioning whether any blog post, no matter how snarky and fun, is worth that kind of self-abuse. ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science
  • ‘We were merely prosing about old times.’
  • My - dear - Count!" says I, astonished, and everyone stopped talking; the Queen looked pop-eyed, and even Albert left off prosing to the noble corpse beside him. Fiancée
  • Conclusion: The best sclerosing medication in combining use of aethoxysklerol 1 %, reptilase and vasopressin.
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