How To Use Roebling In A Sentence

  • Large deposits of frothy reddish-brown pyrolignic acid, or “wood vinegar,” as the men called it, had also been found, indicating, as Roebling said, “that a destructive distillation of wood had been going on.” The Great Bridge
  • Roebling had, in effect, fashioned a single hollow beam as protection against cumulative undulations.
  • Roebling had made it impossible for his bridge to sway or twist in the wind.
  • John Roebling was a believer in hydropathy, the therapeutic use of water. The Great Bridge
  • Roebling convinced his son, Washington , an up - and - coming engineer, that the bridge could be built.
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  • Roebling had pioneered fireproof construction methods, especially the use of reinforced concrete.
  • The Niagara Railway Suspension-bridge was erected from the designs, and under the personal superintendence, of Mr. John A. Roebling, at a cost of 400,000 dols. The Great International Railway Suspension Bridge Over the Niagara River
  • Since McNulty, along with each of the other assistant engineers, had had no previous experience building suspension bridges, every step after the stonework was a new one and there might have been costly delays or mistakes had it not been for Roebling’s extraordinary written communications and for Master Mechanic E. F. Farrington, the one and only man among them who had ever worked with wire before. The Great Bridge

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