Robert Hooke

  1. English scientist who formulated the law of elasticity and proposed a wave theory of light and formulated a theory of planetary motion and proposed the inverse square law of gravitational attraction and discovered the cellular structure of cork and introduced the term `cell' into biology and invented a balance spring for watches (1635-1703)
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How To Use Robert Hooke In A Sentence

  • In their experiments, Descartes, Robert Hooke and Edward Boyle had put a screen close to the other side of the prism and seen that the spot of light came out as a mixture of colour.
  • Robert Hooke realized the value of auscultation and stated that it may be possible to discover the motions of the internal parts of bodies by the sound they make.
  • Although the four-elements paradigm remained robust throughout antiquity and through the Middle Ages (during which a mystical tradition emerged proposing a fifth element, ruling the others, the socalled quintessence), atomism fell out of favor for nearly two millennia until the quantitative philosophy of the early Enlightenment created a conceptual environment friendly to the metamorphosis of alchemy, through the chemical experiments of Robert Hooke, VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol XXIII No 4
  • Just by accident I put it to my eye and found it was a microscope in the mould of Robert Hooke's single lens ones and that it would give me a massive close-up view of silhouettes.
  • As early as 1665 Robert Moray had announced that Robert Hooke had lectured for the Royal Society about providing the balance of a clock with a spring.
  • English philosopher Robert Hooke, in a discourse on earthquakes, written in 1688, but published posthumously in 1705, was aware that the fossil ammonites, nautili, and many other shells and fossil skeletons found in Lamarck, the Founder of Evolution His Life and Work
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