How To Use Ringmaster In A Sentence

  • Ask him, sir, if he thinks that blank ringmaster they call St. Clair looks like ME! A Ward of the Golden Gate
  • And you might see a herd of life-sized red giraffes, zookeepers, ringmaster, opera diva and pyrotechnic effects thanks to Compagnie Off's Les Girafes, which brings the festival to a rousing climax starts General Gordon Square SE18, 2 Jul. This week's new theatre
  • Both men were considered only ‘foot soldiers’ in the affair and the ringmasters of the factory remain at large.
  • The ringmaster then waved his hand and the earth opened up, revealing a vent filled with hot magma.
  • Ask him, sir, if he thinks that blank ringmaster they call St. Clair looks like ME! A Ward of the Golden Gate
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  • The ringmaster selects only the audience questions he wants to use; he speaks repeatedly for Lola; the audience sees only the factitious and selective reconstructions of her scandalous life.
  • For example:"When the curtain went up, Roger stared at the performers in wide-eyed amazement, " or "The wide-eyed children looked on as the ringmaster put his head in the lion's mouth.
  • But for the past few weeks, due to her sickness, Chad, the ringmaster and manager of the circus refused to let her on the tightrope.
  • With her pointy-witch proboscis, she gurns and sneers at her audience like a ringmaster gripped by mad cow disease.
  • Gilchrist and his heirs would not require the batsman to take a nosegay to the crease and they tend to set the fielding side's tempo by deed more than word, more orchestra conductors than circus ringmasters. My glove affair with keepers of the lost stumpers' art
  • Fielding sits at a desk, ostensibly holding the chaos together like a circus ringmaster. Times, Sunday Times
  • If the Oscars are a circus, he's the ringmaster.
  • Props had been set up in the dark during the ringmaster's introduction: a row of beribboned hoops topped with scarlet balloons. KISS AN ANGEL
  • While part of him got on with the serious business of making durable movies, another had the instincts of a circus ringmaster. Times, Sunday Times
  • There, standing on top of a rather large, dusty old theatrical trunk, projecting all the enthusiasm of a ringmaster on the opening night of the circus, was the magician.
  • Hahn-Bin who uses only his first name slunk across the stage with his instrument, propped himself atop a piano and whipped his bow toward the crowd, more ringmaster than concertmaster. NYT > Home Page
  • The ringmaster escorts the high-wire and animal acts into the rings.
  • They are also linked to ringmaster, a telephone system for sending a voice message instantly to everyone on the system.
  • It was also in the 1970's that Mic joined the legendary Pram Factory Theatre in Melbourne, creating Soapbox Circus, where he was ringmaster, musician, juggler and acrobat.
  • Every carnival has a ringmaster and plenty of barkers, bearded ladies, strong men, wild animals and sad clowns.
  • She could see the girls taking turns in galloping around the oval, while Martin, as ringmaster, waved his whip and urged them on. Just Patty
  • Cromwell's role at Putney was first and foremost as chair and ringmaster.
  • I snapped that rope as a ringmaster snaps a whip; but though the rope end travelled with great speed and the act must have been unexpected, the creature caught the rope in one of its chelae before it reached its face. Pirates of Venus
  • Lyons is the ringmaster controlling the hype on and off the field.
  • Nonetheless, his great-grandfather was a clown at the Tivoli in Copenhagen, then a ringmaster, then an impresario.
  • Watching from many rows behind the center ring Marvin sits surrounded by eager children all of whom gaze at the ringmaster in awe.
  • The ringmaster thanks people for coming and ‘helping to support the world's endangered species.’
  • The Ringmaster System will enable schools to rapidly receive information from police or Neighbourhood Watch on everything from vandalism to prowlers.
  • Dressed as a circus ringmaster, will. The Sun
  • Now he is the ringmaster for the Chinese Communist party's circuses: first with last year's Olympic opening ceremony, and now with a celebration of state power, patriotism and "national unity".
  • They are part of a circular series of trades populated by sellers, buyers, buffers and ringmasters.
  • ‘The Ringmaster’, from the contemporary popular culture series, incorporates subtle political comment into a circus poster format.
  • Robert LaFosse was the ringmaster who put these tykes through their paces with commanding smacks of a huge horsewhip.
  • My dad's true calling was to be a ringmaster in the circus, but he missed the boat. Times, Sunday Times
  • Say hello to the audience, shouted the ringmaster.
  • Watching from many rows behind the center ring Marvin sits surrounded by eager children all of whom gaze at the ringmaster in awe.
  • We can't go on tonight without a ringmaster, and your highwire magic show is the highlight of the Circus!
  • Juan Manuel Marquez's televised "callout" of retired Floyd Mayweather Jr. was not merely a distraction for the Mexican ringmaster's real desire to land a third fight against archrival Manny Pacquiao.
  • His vocal abilities, however, led to a successful career as a singing ringmaster for various shows in England and the United States, including Circus Circus Hotel and Casino in Reno, Nevada.
  • He was also, in his time, a superb ringmaster of French culture and the avant-garde.

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