How To Use Rimbaud In A Sentence

  • This collocation of precocious poetic essence, stupefying lyricism and seditious brilliance sets up Rimbaud as the Romantic-Modern poet par excellence.
  • Arab poets wrote better romantic poetry than Rimbaud and Verlaine as long ago as the tenth century.
  • Even in the most ambient moments, it is Lockett's presence that is felt the most as he adds delicate textural chimes or rain sticks just beneath the surface of Rimbaud's engaging swathes.
  • The poet Arthur Rimbaud led a short but extremely eventful life.
  • Bénabou joins the first hemistich of each line to the second of another: the first alexandrine thus selected is the opening line of Rimbaud's ‘Bateau ivre’.
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  • Rimbaud rolls down the window and suavely says, ‘You're the woman of my dreams.’
  • What inspired that rebellious young poet called Rimbaud?
  • Tranter ironises the influence of Rimbaud (on both himself and his peers) in ‘Poem ending with a line by Rimbaud’.
  • The company's name slips his mind and the paste-up reminds him of Rimbaud's Délires II.
  • He cheap hotels milford unorganized febricity, is a pestilent noisemaker in haemogenesis, an telemetered ahuehuete rimbaud and a disclike origen. Rational Review
  • One reads, "$eason In Hell", a nod to poet Arthur Rimbaud and his love of escape and opium. Gordy Grundy: The Next Cable Series Pitch: Freeman and Lowe
  • Rimbaud compares it to the German-influenced Krautrock scene.
  • Similarly, in ‘Darska,’ Rimbaud overlays a stuttering beat with the rising chords of a church organ and voices.
  • Rimbaud's approach is minimalist, with a subtle array of grinding and plucking effects combining with the deep rumble of the base.
  • The first time I encountered the term synaesthesia was when I studied the French Symbolist poets -- Baudelaire, Verlaine, Rimbaud and company -- back in college. Main RSS Feed
  • This collocation of precocious poetic essence, stupefying lyricism and seditious brilliance sets up Rimbaud as the Romantic-Modern poet par excellence.
  • 'Control' 2007 Sam Riley's breakout performance was as the suicidal Ian Curtis, the Rimbaud of postpunk and the guiding spirit of the revered rock band Joy Division. 'Idiot Brother': Silly, Satirical and Smart
  • The reader initially gets the impression that the purpose of the text is to identify Rimbaud's source of inspiration.
  • Even Rimbaud's renunciation is travestied by Vincent Molinier, who, having killed his lover, goes mad in a remote corner of Africa.
  • She is author of 14 academic books such as The Poetics of Indeterminacy: Rimbaud to Cage, and nearly 400 essays.
  • As for Crass's original recordings, those were rescued by Penny Rimbaud a few years ago from deteriorating two-inch tape, and remastered for reissue on Southern Records, a label associated with the band from the beginning. The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed
  • Jacques is made up like the king as they suspect there will be a French revolution, but Jacques just wants to help Mademoiselle Rimbaud (Pamela Stephenson), who is trying to get a pardon for her father. THE MEL BROOKS COLLECTION Blu-ray Review –
  • Rimbaud's poetic genius bloomed early.
  • I have a bipartite response to that question, the first reason being that Rimbaud, in his work and in his life, was perhaps the first truly modern poet.

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