How To Use Riding mower In A Sentence

  • While many people may like to have a few beers before mowing the lawn on a fine Sunday morning, operating a riding mower while impaired is an offence under section 253 of the Criminal Code of Canada. Man Busted for Impaired Operation of a Riding Mower : Law is Cool
  • While I had the deck off of my riding mower, I sandblasted and painted the topside, then applied two coats of fiberglass resin to the underside.
  • The much-higher priced battery-powered riding mower by Arien — the $3,400 AMP 916002 — had zero exhaust emissions. Kermit was wrong—it is easy being green
  • When he mows, clouds of mosquitoes swarm up from the grass in front of the riding mower.
  • Or perhaps call them at 11: 00pm to find out if that great John Deere riding mower is going to be included in the sale because hey, that’s a valid reason to wake up your Realtor, right? Real estate agents are next « BuzzMachine

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