How To Use Richard the lionheart In A Sentence

  • Brace yourself for Richard the Lionheart in Maximilian plate, and Vikings with horned helmets and furry trousers. There's nothing like a good longsword fight...
  • And with that, Richard the lionhearted gave us everything he's kept to himself and a small circle of friends.
  • The young king died in 1183, unreconciled with his father, on whose death the crown passed to his next son, Richard the Lionheart.
  • The 'gora' Sue in Rang De Basanti, Alice Patten has since played a student joining the CIA in the political thriller Trade Routes and is currently acting in Richard The Lionheart in the BBC TV miniseries Heroes and Villains. NAACHGAANA
  • Saladin and Richard the Lionheart are two names that tend to dominate the Crusades.

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