[ US /ˈɹɪtʃ/ ]
[ UK /ɹˈɪt‍ʃ/ ]
  1. marked by richness and fullness of flavor
    a rich ruby port
    full-bodied wines
    the robust flavor of fresh-brewed coffee
    a robust claret
  2. marked by great fruitfulness
    rich soil
    fertile farmland
    a productive vineyard
    a fat land
  3. affording an abundant supply
    a rich supply
    food is plentiful
    had ample food for the party
    had ample food for the party
    a plenteous grape harvest
    copious provisions
  4. of great worth or quality
    a rich collection of antiques
  5. suggestive of or characterized by great expense
    a rich display
  6. pleasantly full and mellow
    a rich tenor voice
  7. possessing material wealth
    many fond hopes are pinned on rich uncles
    her father is extremely rich
  8. very productive
    rich seams of coal
  9. strong; intense
    a rich red
    deep purple
  10. high in mineral content; having a high proportion of fuel to air
    a rich vein of copper
    a rich gas mixture
  11. containing plenty of fat, or eggs, or sugar
    rich desserts
    they kept gorging on rich foods
  12. having an abundant supply of desirable qualities or substances (especially natural resources)
    rich with cultural interest
    blessed with a land rich in minerals
    rich in ideas
  1. people who have possessions and wealth (considered as a group)
    only the very rich benefit from this legislation
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How To Use rich In A Sentence

  • Richardson, are proprietors of shows, and the berouged, bedraggled creatures who exhibit on the platform outside for their living. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine — Volume 53, No. 327, January, 1843
  • Druses were common throughout the mesophyll tissues, and peltate, glandular trichomes were present on both epidermises.
  • Schedule 3 comprises a number of toxic or precursor chemicals with widespread industrial uses, such as phosgene, hydrogen cyanide, phosphorus trichloride and thionyl chloride.
  • Horatia was still in mourning for her mother, and wore a black skirt, but Lucilla's was of rich deep gentianella-coloured silk, and the buttons of her white vest were of beautiful coral. Hopes and Fears or, scenes from the life of a spinster
  • The old, merry Whiting looked sideways at Richard, then the round face assumed an expression of diffident humility for Mr. Hanks. Morgan’s Run
  • New knowledge is the most valuable commodity on earth. The more truth we have to work with, the richer we become. Kurt Vonnegut 
  • Richard and I proceeded through the customs check to the Swissair counter.
  • Richard Harris delivers a riveting portrayal of Captain Tyreen.
  • Recruit rich white republicunts (carpetbaggers) to swoop in and scoop-up "devalued" (seized from still-exiled owners) properties and change the entire complexion (race, income, politics, everyfuckingthing) of the ENTIRE GREATER NEW ORLEANS AREA. Your Right Hand Thief
  • Some people believe that Richard III did not murder his nephews and was not the villain he is generally thought to have been.
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