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[ UK /ɹˌɛvəlˈuːʃənˌɪst/ ]
[ US /ˌɹɛvəˈɫuʃənɪst/ ]
  1. a radical supporter of political or social revolution
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How To Use revolutionist In A Sentence

  • They were what used to be called insurrectionists, but they probably wouldn't have minded being called Marxist and/or anarchist rebels, revolutionists, liberationists… you get the sort of thing.
  • He Xiangning was not only a prominent democratic revolutionist , but also a famous painter.
  • Now and then, rubbing his eyes vigorously, an editor catches a sudden glimpse of the revolution and breaks out in naive volubility, as, for instance, the one who wrote the following in the Chicago Chronicle: American socialists are revolutionists. Revolution
  • He continued: But the top of the ladder is a very trying place for old revolutionists who have had no administrative experience, who have had no financial experience, who have been trained as penniless hunted fugitives with Karl Marx on the brain and not as statesmen. Daimnation!: Shaw and Stalin
  • It is only later, when the revolutionists have established themselves in power, that people see their obsessions were a mirage.
  • 4 Among the Revolutionists were many surgeons, and in vivisection they attained marvellous proficiency. Chapter 21: The Roaring Abysmal Beast
  • Yet, so unpractical was Berkman that he could not realize that a well nourished revolutionist is a more efficient revolutionist. Jack London's Nonfiction Collection of Unpublished Book Forwards
  • The revolutionist is no starved and diseased slave in the shambles at the bottom of the social pit, but is, in the main, a hearty, well - fed workingman, who sees the shambles waiting for him and his children and recoils from the descent. Revolution
  • They are close to the tough-minded position of extreme realists - except that hard revolutionists want to destroy the state system, whereas extreme realists want to preserve it.
  • Chou En-lai is not only a great proletariat revolutionist, politician, militarist, diplomat, but also an outstanding Marxist theorist.
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