1. get worse or fall back to a previous condition
  2. go back to bad behavior
    Those who recidivate are often minor criminals
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How To Use retrogress In A Sentence

  • In spleenful moments, it seems to me that the most depraved of city-dwellers has flashes of enthusiasm and self-abnegation never experienced by this shifty, retrogressive and ungenerous brood, which lives like the beasts of the field and has learnt all too much of their logic. Old Calabria
  • In addition to valuable investigations of fossil-bearing beds in the Argentine, he made some excellent general suggestions, such as that the pithecoid apes, like the baboons, do not stand in the line of man's ancestral stem but represent a divergence from it away from humanity and toward a retrogressive bestialization. Through the Brazilian Wilderness
  • A beggarly tribute to all that is retrogressive, stupid, and mean.
  • China will surely achieve progress, the present retrogression is only a temporary phenomenon.
  • At a time when cities such as George Town and Malacca are winning international recognition for their preservation of heritage sections of their cities, the Sarawak government's retrogressive efforts to wipe out remaining vestiges of Kuching's architectural heritage are incomprehensible. Undefined
  • By contrast, he writes, "when living standards stagnate or decline, most societies make little if any progress toward any of these goals, and in all too many instances they plainly retrogress. Indian Food, Hold the Growth!
  • I'm not advocating that women retrogress to the brainless housewives of the '50s who spent afternoons baking macaroni sculptures and keeping Betty Crocker files. The Failure Of Feminism
  • In other words, her skills have retarded into that of one unfit to practice such arts, though she herself is unaware of this retrogression.
  • And in 1985, when Grace Bumbry was a sensation as Bess in a Metropolitan Opera production, she slammed the opera: "I thought it beneath me, I felt I had worked far too hard, that we had come far too far to have to retrogress to 1935. Jesse Kornbluth: An African-American Woman Wrote To Me: The Help Makes Us Look Ignorant & One-Dimensional
  • Society in the past 50 years has known an extremely one-sided development, with science and technology making great strides while social life and culture have stagnated and retrogressed.
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