How To Use Retaining wall In A Sentence

  • Soil compaction is common in civil engineering practice mainly in highway and rail road works, run ways, earth dams, sanitary landfills and backfilling of excavations for substructures and retaining walls.
  • A common complaint is replacement of borderline fences and wood retaining walls.
  • The fireplace is part of a stuccoed retaining wall set into a hill at the rear of the property.
  • The swimming pool is set well down below a high retaining wall and surrounded by cypress hedges. The Education of a Gardener
  • This feature conceals a deep trench and a retaining wall that protect the building from errant drivers.
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  • They added fill by the house to make a fairly level garden up top, and then nudged and added stone to build retaining walls and steps.
  • On the east side of the building, a double retaining wall supports leveling fill between the wall and bedrock.
  • He rebuilt the retaining walls as multiple tiers, with a bonus upper-level patio above a bank of stone steps.
  • For some moments I was lost in a succession of overbridges, retaining walls and manicured slopes along the gently winding superb new motorway.
  • Howsare writes that "the site has to be literally hacked out of a cliffside, which is then shored up with massive ugly retaining walls, which in turn face directly into people's tiny bedroom windows.
  • It rises about ten feet high, green and bunchy, behind a retaining wall. Smithsonian
  • Police said the landslide had swept seven houses some 30 meters downhill in the hilly residential area of Candi after a retaining wall broke early on Saturday.
  • We managed to set up the retaining wall near the back fence and our back yard now looks a lot cleaner and presentable than it was before.
  • Sometimes retaining walls are designed as cantilevers.
  • The rock retaining wall built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the mid-1930s is to be restored.
  • The spine wall at this location thus functioned as a retaining wall, allowing the floors of the rooms to extend 1.50 m beyond the limits of the bedrock shelf.
  • Below dark cliffs and mossy overhangs lay olive groves, entire slopes terraced with backbreaking plots of retaining walls and water channels.
  • Planning permission was granted in October 1999 for a development of 32 houses with detached garages and included a proposal to erect a retaining wall.
  • ‘We are desilting drains wherever necessary and reconstructing the retaining walls of damaged and collapsed storm water drains,’ said Mr Gowda.
  • Low retaining walls have been cemented onto the sloping rock surface to channel the water into a reservoir at the base of the outcrop.
  • Bricks, logs and other materials have been recycled into a retaining wall to keep dirt from the basketball court and into backyards as borders for gardens, many of which boast impressive rose gardens.
  • With the Senators seemingly moments away from a victory in their final game, hordes of fans began vaulting over the retaining walls and proceeded to swarm the playing field.
  • As my Vietnam Airlines flight touches down at Tan Son Nhat airport in Saigon, now known as Ho Chi Minh City, the detritus of war is still visible — military hangars and mortarproof retaining walls left over from the time when thousands of American C-130s and F-5s thundered into the city. Clean Slate
  • Based on the limit equilibrium of the soils′ thin-layer elements in the back of retaining wall, calculation formula of the active earth pressure for the clayey soils is suggested.
  • The waste flooded from a storage reservoir when a retaining wall collapsed. Hungarians Doubt Recovery From Sludge Disaster
  • The park has a combination of flat, hard-surface walks and retaining walls, surrounding areas of foliage and flowers of vividly contrasting colors.
  • At first a retaining wall was built immediately in front of the main kiva, which is now 5 feet high outside. The Cliff Ruins of Canyon de Chelly, Arizona Sixteenth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1894-95, Government Printing Office, Washington, 1897, pages 73-198
  • Although foundation slabs, driveways, sidewalks, and retaining walls all look like big hunks of rock, there are forces acting in different directions that the concrete structure must resist.
  • Fugro will receive tenders for the repair of 28 slopes and retaining walls in Kwun Tong, Wong Tai Sin and Sai Kung.
  • Council was addressing an application made for approval of a retaining wall that encroaches onto the boulevard.
  • Morgan hypothesizes that the mound shape was first outlined by a line of posts set in a wall trench, which served as a retaining wall for the fill.
  • In Malton and Norton, defences will be a mix of reinforced concrete retaining walls, earth embankments and steel sheet piling to run parallel with the river.
  • Many engineering construction utilize embankment, for, abutment , retaining wall , foundation pad , base backfill and so on.
  • The swimming pool is set well down below a high retaining wall and surrounded by cypress hedges. The Education of a Gardener
  • Janet built low retaining walls of locally quarried limestone to terrace the slope.
  • They can be configured for linear, square, or rectangular excavations to depths of 30 ft. or more for such uses as pipelines, pits, retaining walls, and bridge abutments.
  • Landscape designers Diana Stratton and Brian Columbia removed the fence to open up views, then created terraces supported by retaining walls of local fieldstone.
  • And Antonio spent one portion of his life transforming a rocky hillside in Barcelona into a labyrinth of walkways, serpentine retaining walls, small ovalesque grottoes, a typography of earth and mind, a physical rendering of flamenco patterns, flying lines, and planes kerned in kinetic chthonic exclamations! The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed
  • From here, the entrance route is via a semi-enclosed courtyard with a concrete retaining wall.
  • There is an old brick-built retaining wall in a neighbouring property. Times, Sunday Times
  • Flat lawns are formed into an abstract pattern that recalls tectonic fractures and fissures in the earth's surface, their edges defined by dark grey concrete retaining walls.
  • I don't have a nail gun but I've used one from a local shop to knock together a gate and a retaining wall that didn't restrain Holly the mad dog.
  • Under his direction, they built dry-stone retaining walls and a rock garden, laid out paths and mixed borders and planted flowering shrubs among the trees.
  • So I had a section of brick (aldoquin) about 15'x12 'removed, a concrete retaining wall built to hold up the rest of the brick from the resulting pit, and "river" dirt brought in (as if there were any rivers around here). Cinder block vs brick
  • If a retaining wall is designed as a gravity wall, it can be backfilled relatively early.
  • They built a retaining wall around the pond.
  • Simultaneously, as if at some undiscernible signal, the three boys hopped off the low concrete retaining wall next to the sidewalk outside the mom-and-pop the entrance to which was not only barred, but protected by a pair of concrete pylons to prevent drive-through break-ins and fell into step behind Missy. Fear Itself
  • The route is lined with repeatable concrete loculi forming retaining walls. The Igualada Levee
  • They built a retaining wall around the pond.
  • The retaining wall of the rivulet feeding the Gaj Power Project was also breached.
  • The docks are high over the black water, which slams against the retaining walls; stone steps descend, made slippery by seaweed.
  • In some cases, concrete and stone retaining walls and dikes are erected along banks to stave off overflow in heavy rain.
  • Based on the above, technical support and theory reference are given for retting retaining wall design and reinforce.

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