[ US /ɹiˈspɛkt, ɹɪˈspɛkt/ ]
[ UK /ɹɪspˈɛkt/ ]
  1. a feeling of friendship and esteem
    he inspires respect
    she mistook his manly regard for love
  2. courteous regard for people's feelings
    out of respect for his privacy
    in deference to your wishes
  3. behavior intended to please your parents
    their children were never very strong on obedience
    he went to law school out of respect for his father's wishes
  4. a courteous expression (by word or deed) of esteem or regard
    his deference to her wishes was very flattering
    be sure to give my respects to the dean
  5. the condition of being honored (esteemed or respected or well regarded)
    it is held in esteem
    a man who has earned high regard
  6. an attitude of admiration or esteem
    she lost all respect for him
  7. (usually preceded by `in') a detail or point
    it differs in that respect
  1. regard highly; think much of
    I respect his judgement
    We prize his creativity
  2. show respect towards
    honor your parents!
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How To Use respect In A Sentence

  • Some were members of Turkey's elite military class known as "pashas," a title of respect harking back to Ottoman military commanders Monday for allegedly planning to blow up mosques in order to trigger a military takeover and overthrow the WN.com - Photown News
  • If there was any hope of holding on to even a shred of her dwindling self-respect, she should do exactly what she knew Margo would do—close the laptop, take her de-scrunchied, perfumed, and nearly thonged self down to the nearest club, pick up the first passably good-looking stranger who asked her to dance, and bring him back to the apartment for some safe but anonymous sex. Goodnight Tweetheart
  • China says it respects the legitimate status of President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) while calling on Palestinian forces to end conflicts.
  • Which drugs become blockbusters is in many respects a lottery. Times, Sunday Times
  • The administration will lose a lot of respect in my eyes if this goes ahead.
  • But as I was mulling this a little later, I was suddenly struck by one of those things that was probably already obvious to everyone else: There are a handful of strange inflection points where rock nerd culture and mass culture are in eerie synchrony for a few moments before skittering off in their respective ways for a bit — and one of them was my early teens. The (Rock) Stars Are Aligned
  • Sir, his definement suffers no perdition in you; though, I know, to divide him inventorially would dizzy the arithmetic of memory, and yet but yaw neither, in respect of his quick sail. Act V. Scene II. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
  • Do you think the Academy is really hip to how great Gosford Park is, or do they just like it's patina of British upper-crust respectability?
  • However, added the mayor, city hall will naturally respect the court's order, whatever it may be.
  • One man's ‘most respected occult books around’ are another man's old hat ripe for a kicking.
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