[ UK /ɹɪsˈɪstəns/ ]
[ US /ɹiˈzɪstəns, ɹɪˈzɪstəns/ ]
  1. the action of opposing something that you disapprove or disagree with
    despite opposition from the newspapers he went ahead
    he encountered a general feeling of resistance from many citizens
  2. the degree of unresponsiveness of a disease-causing microorganism to antibiotics or other drugs (as in penicillin-resistant bacteria)
  3. the military action of resisting the enemy's advance
    the enemy offered little resistance
  4. any mechanical force that tends to retard or oppose motion
  5. a material's opposition to the flow of electric current; measured in ohms
  6. group action in opposition to those in power
  7. (medicine) the condition in which an organism can resist disease
  8. a secret group organized to overthrow a government or occupation force
  9. an electrical device that resists the flow of electrical current
  10. the capacity of an organism to defend itself against harmful environmental agents
    these trees are widely planted because of their resistance to salt and smog
  11. (psychiatry) an unwillingness to bring repressed feelings into conscious awareness
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How To Use resistance In A Sentence

  • Chartists at once organized resistance to what they called the usurpation and, after a long civil war, were successful. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss
  • So the lands of the dismembered Yugoslav state became not only the scene of Europe's greatest resistance struggle, but also one of its bloodiest civil wars.
  • The Communists vastly exaggerated their own Resistance role in order to attract postwar political support.
  • Tanks often attacked the outskirts of the city in skirmishes with resistance fighters, adding to the chaos and unrest.
  • Less genetic diversity means less resistance to pests, diseases and climate changes.
  • There is no reference to the recent critical analyses of management use of, and employee resistance to, the mobilization of feelings.
  • The Virgin and Santa Clara rivers snake easily between flat-topped mesas, following paths of least resistance.
  • The only factor preventing major incursions into treasured civil liberties is the resistance of the population at large - and, for the moment at least, the public appear to be acquiescing in the government's plans.
  • The multilayered structure of power may thwart and complicate resistance. The Times Literary Supplement
  • Similarly, the exaction of stiff reprisals for unexpected attacks on troops remote from the fighting front might cow the local population, or might stimulate them to more aggressive resistance.
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