How To Use Resew In A Sentence

  • Tavara was the one who had mended Gordon, and she'd also resewed a couple of the acolyte's shifts so that Glory would have something to change into besides her jeans. The Warslayer
  • For other works, conservation treatments include reducing stains with a mixture of distilled water and ethyl alcohol; removing glue with a cotton swab dipped in de-ionized water; humidifying and flattening pages; and resewing bindings by hand. The New York Public Library: From Vault to Exhibition Gallery: Conserving Library Treasures
  • I measured the hat, went out and got ribbon and silver trim, came home and figured out that the silver trim was just not powerful enough to overcome the gold trim, took the gold trim off, found out that the danged gold trim had also been helping to keep the wire in the edge of the brim, resewed that with invisible thread, and now Kauri's Katharsis
  • She resewed old clothes for the children who grew too fast, kept three chicks in the kitchen until they were eaten by a cat, and later, during another famine, after World War II, bought the last rickety piglet off a horse-drawn cart that had stopped for a few minutes on their street. A Mountain of Crumbs
  • The cuff of the coat had been resewn
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  • Then put the covers back on and resew the seam. Times, Sunday Times
  • So Jane was in borrowed and resewn finery when she stood on the front step of the Blanck home. Uprising
  • Myhre resewed the loose pages, replaced the leather cover and put in two ribbon markers, allowing Eleanor to once again read passages from it every morning, refer to it during Bible study on Wednesdays and again at church on Sundays. The Seattle Times
  • Then put the covers back on and resew the seam. Times, Sunday Times
  • Miss Morgensen received the first completed box and topped it up with half a bar of soap and a washcloth that had been cut down from a towel and resewn. Let The Dead Lie
  • She and Yetta and Rahel had ripped out some of the seams and resewn them; it fit quite well now, and looked very elegant, Bella thought. Uprising
  • It soaked through both sides of the wrap, so do you think it would work if I unpicked the two pieces and resewed the wrap using an untreated piece of fabric for the outer - bearing in mind that it's stiff, so I wonder if pulling it right-side-out again after sewing might be difficult? Towards Sustainability
  • She got her models together, did their hair, stole a necklace off a stylist, resewed seven of the dressed, chewed out a photographer, fired an assistant, and wrote a book about how to raise children, all within 15 minutes. Gawker
  • Then put the covers back on and resew the seam. Times, Sunday Times
  • So last night I reunpicked these messes and resewed the hexagons as they once were. The Knitting Olympics
  • She'll cut the capeline and resew it with trims to create a unique shape, or to affix a more decorative brim.

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