How To Use Resentfully In A Sentence

  • And as if their alienism disturbed him, he moved restlessly, almost resentfully, bit his lips nervously, moistened them, and began putting away his things. Lifted Masks; stories
  • What are they supposed to do - fester resentfully, or score a credit card and spend a month's salary on instant gratification?
  • In the bar, punters were downing real ale or orange juice, and staring resentfully at the three people who'd had the cheek to light up a cigarette.
  • But though it all brought for him thus a dim light, "You 'pitied' him?" he grudgingly, resentfully asked. The Jolly Corner
  • When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, we can react responsibly or resentfully.
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  • Here we will simmer in jams today and jams tomorrow, watching broodingly and resentfully as the Fat Cats swing by at top speed for the next dollop of cream. Labour's Roads: Some Will Be More Equal Than Others
  • Focusing resentfully on the dark, angular face, her heart had flipped over suddenly in her chest.
  • Instead, grounded women shade their eyes and look resentfully out to sea.
  • Terrence glared resentfully at his youngest son, who only glared more furiously back.
  • I am a raree show for this company, she thought resentfully, and they might as well have their coin's worth. Dearly Beloved
  • When his mother abandoned the family when he was four, two aunts were reluctantly and resentfully compelled to raise Billy and his older sister, Florence.
  • The men talk about him resentfully, sick of his haughty attitude and pretension.
  • the best doctors would stay resentfully out of the national service, refusing to become the minions of a Minister
  • He had often looked with wonder at the rock, and miauled bitterly and resentfully as man does in the face of a forbidding Providence. Cat.
  • I imagined what we must look like to the Hezbollah men crouched resentfully in their tents: two unveiled women, one of them eating pink cotton candy and wearing a cherry-red jacket; one cranky old hajji, barely able to walk, supported by her son, who seemed to have brought her to the tent city expressly so she could parade through and tell them they were bums. Day of Honey
  • But most residents are still too emotionally bruised to do anything except stare resentfully from a distance.
  • The angry mood suggests too many people will be going to the polls resentfully.
  • For a moment she continued to look at him resentfully.
  • It's a job I'll do for as long as it takes to actually find the right job and at that point I'll quit and leave them scrambling, resentfully, to find my replacement.

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