How To Use Rescindable In A Sentence

  • A new procedure, the rescindable terminal contract, was introduced that could be nullified when the faculty member received grant support.
  • An honest rich man called a top tax inspector last month to report an approach by a big four firm offering a complex new capital gains tax wheeze involving "rescindable contracts". Tax collection. Now there's a moral crusade for the Tories
  • Leaving aside the weakness of the language -- it does little more than tweak the verbiage of the Senate bill -- the order is nonbinding, unenforceable, and changeable or rescindable at will by whoever occupies the White House. Ten Reasons
  • Article 316 of the new constitution addresses the government's responsibilities toward the economy, the most relevant of which is to "determine the state monopoly of the productive and commercial activities that are considered non-rescindable in case of public necessity." [ Spero News
  • A business-purpose loan is not rescindable, even if secured by the borrower's principal dwelling, because the credit is not subject to Truth-in-Lending.
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  • Anyway, we’ve already cut the big, non-rescindable corporate oil deals … so we can just hang out in Kuwait and Qatar at our girlfriends’ place, until we get drunk and start feeling pimped by that hunky little guy in Iran who never dances with us, no matter how tarty we dress. Think Progress » Iraqi Prime Minister Announces Timetable: Full Security Takeover by End of 2007
  • Contracts, then, entered into because of accidental mistake which was induced by the fraud or misrepresentation of the other party, will be rescindable at the option of the party deceived. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 4: Clandestinity-Diocesan Chancery
  • In general, grave fear lawfully superinduced does not militate against consent in the will, and therefore renders contracts neither invalid nor rescindable. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 4: Clandestinity-Diocesan Chancery
  • There is much, much more, including the fact that the sale of eToys to Bain, DE Shaw, merged into Parent Company is rescindable as a non "bona fide" sale. The Industry Standard - Comments
  • Last season Dennis was told that he couldn't appeal against his red card because cards for violent conduct are not rescindable.
  • Because details of a transfer are implemented between a rescindable capability and a goods description, rights to goods of any type can be transferred.
  • Moreover, why did he vote "Yes" to potential public-funded abortion under the guise of an executive order that is rescindable on a whim? Stories
  • If the APR, or annual percentage rate, is off by a fraction of a percent between the preliminary and final loan documents, the loan may be rescindable. How Snafus
  • Contracts by which ecclesiastical property is alienated are sometimes rescindable. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 13: Revelation-Stock
  • the judgment was rescindable

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