How To Use Rescale In A Sentence

  • Not only is that animated title GIF an irritation but too many of the front-page images are crudely rescaled so that their aspect ratio is all distorted.
  • Basically, space-time had to be rescaled such that the speed of light in vacuum remained constant.
  • Or she continues her chargeback and abandons the items tiffany: We are happy she is agreeing to the reweigh benpopken: When are you going to do the rescale? ASAP Van Lines Responds To Complaint Alleging $400 Bilking - The Consumerist
  • When necessary, the images were computationally unbent, rescaled, and rotated.
  • The charts are exported as vector graphics (enhanced metafiles) rather than bitmaps, which makes them easy to rescale and to edit further if desired.
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  • Prior to the transformations, the proactive and reactive aggression scores were rescaled so that they had a minimum score of 1.
  • Finally, trees were rescaled so that their total length would be uniform between 0.5 and 8.0.
  • At each step of the algorithm, one should rescale constructed arrays to prevent numerical underflow.
  • The graph exaggerates the difference; would it be possible to rescale it from 0? Plentyoffish US Subscription rates and user Demographics. « The Paradigm Shift
  • Also, the two violence measures were rescaled prior to the transformations so that they both had a minimum score of 1.
  • Firstly, here is a map of the world, which has been rescaled so that the distance of a place on the map is proportional to the cost of calling the country from the UK.
  • The ratings were rescaled to scales ranging from 0 to 10 to provide for a more adequate comparison by dividing the raw scores by the number of items and multiplying this quotient by 10.
  • The range is then divided by the standard deviation to produce a normalized or rescaled range value (R / S).
  • At each step of the algorithm, one should rescale constructed arrays to prevent numerical underflow.
  • I've noticed similarly sized 16: 9 wallpapers tend to rescale quite well, thankfully. 70 Wallpapers To Dress Up Your Dual Monitors | Lifehacker Australia
  • Although loading ratio rescales load size relative to body size, it does not completely incorporate all body-size dependence in the relation between fragment size and leaf transport rate.
  • Can u rescale it? oar crop it b4 u upload it tu making it smaller? Dere, dere. Not eberyone can - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?
  • The case of Toronto reveals the contingent and processual nature of urban development in situations where governance and funding mechanisms are rescaled in the name of efficiency and global competitiveness.
  • Another possible point of confusion is the extra factor of two in the parameters and relative to the way in which time is rescaled.
  • A method commonly used to take into account the unequal probabilities of selection and to make the variances more meaningful is to rescale the weight so that the average is one.
  • The scores are in dimensionless units, rescaled with identical scale factors.
  • All of the sum scores were rescaled to the original response scale.
  • Rare species were downweighted, and axes were rescaled.
  • World cartogram rescaled by Foreign Direct Investment, 2008. -- Top News
  • The more sophisticated rendering programs let your rescale the texture maps to suit.
  • To yield meaningful tests of significance, sample weights were applied to the data and then rescaled to equal the actual number of cases in the sample.
  • One wrinkle here is that you have to rescale the income shares so that they sum to one. Jared Bernstein: Trickle-Up Economics
  • They wish to recreate the Troubles, have the army rescale its presence, and have everyone act as if it's the 1980s over again. The language of terror
  • If we rescale the image again, we can bring out the odd protrusion seen in the original image. Wolfram Blog : Secrets of the Universe Hiding on My Home Computer
  • The variable was rescaled by dividing by 10 for estimation purposes.
  • The final step is to rescale the points so that the relative positions are maintained. Times, Sunday Times

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