[ US /ɹiˈpəbɫək, ɹiˈpəbɫɪk/ ]
[ UK /ɹɪpˈʌblɪk/ ]
  1. a form of government whose head of state is not a monarch
    the head of state in a republic is usually a president
  2. a political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them
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How To Use republic In A Sentence

  • But Arthur's do-gooder streak didn't particularly please other Republicans, and he became one of the few Presidents to fail to win his own party's nomination for re-election.
  • Recruit rich white republicunts (carpetbaggers) to swoop in and scoop-up "devalued" (seized from still-exiled owners) properties and change the entire complexion (race, income, politics, everyfuckingthing) of the ENTIRE GREATER NEW ORLEANS AREA. Your Right Hand Thief
  • The promise of tax cuts proved, as always, to be the Republican Party's trump card.
  • So it's a little more than passing strange that Mr. Brooks clucks about Mr. Obama's "über-partisan budget" when, given the last few weeks of shrieking and wailing from the Republicans about socialism and communism, he's been the voice of moderation in the room. Moderately Shocked
  • The strength of the argument for splitting the bill is evident in the reaction of the two Republican senators from Texas.
  • 1980 - The Republic of Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) comes into being, with Canaan Banana as the country's first President.
  • Before anyone says that this was going to happen anyway, remember that political pros were saying two years ago that Napolitano was a one term fluke, early this year Republicans were salivating about a possible 2/3 majority House and Senate, and it took some foresight to see that a decent candidate could be recruited to take out J. Archive 2006-12-01
  • It seems to be a very common theme with all Republicans! ambi Steele says he has 'slimmer margin' for error
  • Nationally, Republican delegates listed fiscal issues as most important by a two-to-one margin.
  • Amid it all stands Mitt Romney, not the high-flying investment lots of Republicans yearned to put their money on, but the unspectacular Treasury bill of Republican candidates, a man whose emphasis on jobs and the economy makes him a safe enough bet at a time like this. GOP 'Flight to Safety' Benefits Romney
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