How To Use Repoint In A Sentence

  • Centrepoint is just under five kilometres from the interchange at the M50 Motorway with the Navan Road.
  • – I wondered if he too could possibly repoint my palette. Atlantic: A Vast Ocean of a Million Stories by Simon Winchester – review
  • He's been up it and on my roof repointing the chimney and removing a rogue bush that's got ideas of grandeur.
  • In any case, you will need to repoint the brickwork.
  • The project will involve constructing a new timber roof deck above clock faces, dismantling and rebuilding parapets and pinnacles, recovering the lead roof, repointing buttresses and repairing knave roof timbers and rainwater goods.
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  • As he turned away from repointing the chimney, she watched his face intently. SANDS OF TIME
  • We can do it now and I can grout the bathroom and repoint north Southwark at the weekend instead. Lucy Mangan: Where there's muck…
  • Harry Manx is set to play at the Centrepoint Theatre on Dec. 9 with Michael Kaeshammer! It was beautiful last night… « Mudpuddle
  • Microsoft themselves have used the Feature framework to modularise a large chunk of the implementation of SharePoint. Simple Talk rss feed
  • Over coffee they agreed on a division of labor: he'd repoint the chimney, the walls; she'd choose the colors, do the painting. House By The Sea
  • They discovered he was dealing with two builders who had offered to repair a ridge tile for £5 and then agreed to repoint the chimney stack for £400.
  • It has been reroofed, and the outside walls have been sandblasted and repointed.
  • Scotland's largest indoor artificial ski-slope - with real snow for boarders and skiers - will be the centrepoint of plans to rejuvenate one of the country's industrial blackspots.
  • I am using a silverlight 3.0 control created from an expression encoder 3.0 template in the master page of a sharepoint 2007 internet site (anonymous access is enabled). SharePoint Magazine
  • We have had our walls regularly tuck-pointed and the bay ground out and repointed, but it hasn't solved the problem.
  • Check masonry walls for loose stones or mortar, and repoint if necessary.
  • I still managed to see some of the games I wanted to see, but placed a call to DirecTV to have someone come out and repoint the dish. November 27th, 2006
  • A colony of ducks lived on an island in a river happily until a certain day, when the carcase of an ox came drifting down the current and stuck upon the forepoint of that island. Oriental Encounters Palestine and Syria, 1894-6
  • But before repointing can begin, the cement grouting must be removed, a job which has proved more difficult than anticipated - which is where the diamonds come in.
  • Trying to somehow repoint the finger of blame on someone who merely sped the process along just won't cut it. Archive 2009-05-01
  • This service competes with Microsoft Sharepoint and similar hosted suites from the likes of YouSendIt and Box. net, says general manager Jimmy Tam. Small companies take on Microsoft
  • At the head of the wooded valley the mine bousteads – where miners stored ore that they brought to the surface – have been repointed and work is nearing completion on the waterwheel pit and mountings of the Armstrong hydraulic engine that once hauled miners up the 177-metre shaft, the deepest in the dale. Country diary: Westgate, Weardale
  • More recently still, the gable walls of the old church have been repointed and the valuable stained-glass window by Michael Healy protected by storm-glazing.
  • Now the colourful life of Pierrepoint - whose father and uncle had been hangmen before him - is to be turned into a film, The Last Hangman, with Timothy Spall in the main role.
  • As and when required by the Landlord to cleanse and repoint the external stone and brickwork of the demised premises
  • Many of my more recent reads taste of fishball mee soup from Centrepoint. Archive 2005-09-01
  • The mauve-coloured external stone was repointed with lime mortar to allow the walls to breathe.
  • With sharePoint being sieged by a dozen business portal competitors and Exchange going to be the core for voice, Microsoft will have a compelling voice platform. Google is my Microsoft
  • Cracked mortar between bricks should also be repointed by carefully removing and replacing any unsound mortar.
  • Other work carried out on the church during a seven-month period last year includes renovation of the tower, a new flagpole and repointing of much of the masonry.
  • It took him a while to repoint the bow, and after that it was easy. Girl on a Bridge
  • Cracked mortar between bricks should also be repointed by carefully removing and replacing any unsound mortar.
  • This topic discusses SharePoint feature stapling, which is a way to associate SharePoint features with site definitions. TechNet Blogs
  • So the walkway has been closed off and the builders are in to repoint the masonry, since the bees can't get into any mortar that isn't old and soft.
  • Work required on the church is to the tower, including a new roof, repointing the buttresses and repair to the internal floors.
  • The work will include repointing, installing wall tiles across the whole facade of the building and other minor remedial work.
  • Over the past 20 years the parish has repointed the spire, replaced large sections of the roof, and even restored the church organ.
  • If you need more capacity, the company offers ISYS Workgroup and a high-end enterprise server that federates results from content repositories, including Documentum, Interwoven and Microsoft SharePoint. ISYS Personal Edition, Version 9.6
  • The design team exposed the existing textures by sandblasting and repointing stone and brickwork.
  • Hi, i am designing a sharepoint dashboard using fushion charts is it possible to drill down to a dirrent chart when clicked on the certain area of the chart The Dashboard Spy
  • The other key aspect of the restoration involved repointing the exterior masonry, in the facades of limestone, sandstone, and granite.
  • It will also tell the story of Henry's brother Thomas, who was the longest serving of the Pierrepoint executioners and carried out around 300 hangings in 40 years.
  • CentrePoint board member, Cr Allan Ewin, said that the repainting was the start of an ongoing maintenance program planned for the centre. Blayney Chronicle - Front Page
  • The latest, most anxiety-making defects are in the sexton's cottage in Timolin (in need of re-slating with new lathes) and Kinneagh Church, which urgently needs repointing of the east and west walls at the very least.
  • New Horizons will be taken out of hibernation in early January to repoint the communications dish antenna to keep up with the changing position of the Earth around the Sun. New Horizons Spacecraft Now Closer to Pluto Than Earth | Universe Today
  • Work includes repointing and waterproofing the tower and is expected to start shortly as the weather warms up.
  • Normal service is now resumed, and all the images should be repointing to the proper place.
  • That will include repointing all stonework, replacing the roof and installing a new heating system.
  • In 1999, Metro Waterproofing, Scottdale, Ga., undertook the job of cleaning and repointing the historic exterior.
  • The windows have been replaced in teak double-glazing throughout, the tower house has been repointed, and modern plumbing and a peat-based waste system have been installed.
  • The design team exposed the existing textures by sandblasting and repointing stone and brickwork.
  • It is expected that the work, including roof repairs and repointing the spire and tower will take six months to complete.
  • Russia and China can repoint their weapons in 20 sec as well. Five Former Secretaries of State: Cracking diplomacy, and jokes

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