How To Use Replenishment In A Sentence

  • Biologists also are in varying stages of research and replenishment of cobia, speckled trout, tarpon, snook, crappie, bluegill and striped bass stocks.
  • The Europeans are also in need of seagoing oilers and fleet replenishment vessels.
  • With similar dimensions, it will also match Westralia's capabilities once converted from an oiler to underway replenishment ship.
  • It is powered by ten fusion power cells and is capable of running over three days without replenishment.
  • Future tests are planned for the Merlin with RFA vessels, in particular auxiliary oilers and auxiliary oil and replenishment ships.
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  • Computerization has enabled the automatic replenishment of stock.
  • Replenishment of the day - to - day city Zhiyingdian withdraw goods management.
  • The simplest explanation of these changes, given the non-directional pattern evident in Figure 3, is that they result from the varying patterns of replenishment and loss of individual fishes.
  • The supplier offers a trade credit policy and the decision variable of the retailer is the replenishment cycle time to minimize the total relevant cost.
  • At his company's half-yearly financial results briefing today, Wesfarmers chief executive Richard Goyder said the auto-replenishment system, which he described as the interface between Coles 'systems and its supply chain, had been rolled out to 44 stores and was on track to reach a total of 200 stores by the end of the company's financial year in mid-2010.
  • You asked for outstanding workups, interoperability, boat work, jackstay evolutions, replenishments at sea, gunnery, air sorties, anti-submarine warfare, anti-air warfare and navigation.
  • Good design must contribute to energy efficiency and replenishment of resources.
  • Vertical replenishment primarily involves using helicopters to lift cargo from a supply ship to a combatant ship.
  • It is hoped Los Angeles, Atlanta and other cities will continue to explore and implement conservation alternatives, when viable, such as desalinization processes, smart irrigation systems, recycled water programs, urine diversion toilets, groundwater replenishment systems and rainwater capture plans. Religion vs. the Sprinkler Police
  • We will fulfill our commitment to ensure an ambitious replenishment for the concessional lending facilities of the MDBs, especially the International Development Association and the African Development Fund. G-20 Toronto Summit Declaration
  • An almost-empty parts bin triggers a just-in-time replenishment order.
  • There is also a marked increase in guided-weapons spending in the period, including the £1.2 billion Meteor air-to-air missile for the Eurofighter, and there is the MARS fleet replenishment programme, the Future-Lynx, and the £3bn contract for 12 Nimrod MRA4 aircraft which was announced this week. Conservatives beware
  • Unfortunately, this also reduces sand replenishment on the downdrift side, necessitating the construction of another groyne. Archive 2006-07-01
  • Interestingly. while we all cherish the rains and lake replenishment of summer here at Lake Chapala, in mountainous Chiapas and the adjacent flat coastal plain of Tabasco on the Gulf, the rains, while certainly needed and a blessing, bring flooding in the plains and mudslides in the hills that can be devastating. Back in the USA
  • One thing I would say is I know a lot of time the term inventory replenishment gets thrown around but I'll just remind you that early in 2009 as the economy had turned down and there was a very serious inventory correction underway I'll just describe the channel overall, specifically our customers and their supply chain, our shipments in to that channel were well below what our customers were producing and what they were shipping out. Home Page
  • Make the inventory replenishment recommendation based on the requirement of sales.
  • Protein (and even some fat) doesn't interfere with glycogen replenishment, which is good news.
  • We first derive optimal replenishment policies for the retailer, optimal production policies for the supplier, as well as close-form solutions for optimal expected profits.
  • After Shenzhou seventh airship replenishment propellant, to will launch the location with rocket docking and the vertical transportation, will carry on the final condition check and the confirmation.
  • Biologists also are in varying stages of research and replenishment of cobia, speckled trout, tarpon, snook, crappie, bluegill and striped bass stocks.
  • Afterwards, all of us retired to the pub for some liquid replenishment.
  • Even the catering crew's kept behind a swinging door, save for carefully timed replenishment of viands.
  • Up to 1,360 kg of cargo can be underslung from an external cargo hook for ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship replenishment.
  • Both the port and starboard side of the ship have a liquid cargo and solids replenishment station.
  • This is an adaptation of the "Groundwater Replenishment System" that has won accolades and all sort of national/international engineering and science awards for the Orange County, CA. water reclamation facility that turns ultra purified wastewater effleunt into pottable water.www. www. are a couple of good sources to check this out. We are GO for Water Recovery System - NASA Watch
  • The SP Howitzer shall have a laser ignition system that shall provide for a minimum of 30 ignitions without replenishment of the ignition source.
  • Close manoeuvring, defending against air and submarine attacks, naval gunfire shoots, practising replenishment operations at sea and helicopter operations will be among the evolutions which should keep the teenagers excited.
  • Automated replenishment of parts offered by jobbers is utilized by 61 percent of repair shops; 25 percent work with WDs.
  • Shouldn't we support natural replenishment of fish stocks where possible rather than rely on artificial restocking?
  • And when a ship need underway replenishment or a shipmate goes overboard, this highly-qualified team s launched into action.
  • The rate of withdrawal over natural replenishment is now roughly equivalent to the flow of the Colorado River.
  • That optimism is beginning to fuel a key post-recession driver of growth: inventory replenishment.
  • Happy the author whose earliest works are read and understood by the lustre thrown back upon them from his latest! for then we receive the impression of continuity and cumulation of power, of peculiarity deepening to individuality, of promise more than justified in the keeping: unhappy, whose autumn shows only the aftermath and rowen of an earlier harvest, whose would-be replenishments are but thin dilutions of his fame! The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 05, No. 30, April, 1860
  • It's a time of true solace and emotional replenishment.
  • These hatches allow sailors to rapidly transfer supply pallets, equipment replacement modules and machinery components, significantly reducing the time required for replenishment and maintenance.
  • An economic order quantity(EOQ) model is developed for this problem. With this model, optimal replenishment cycle time is derived for the retailer.
  • In dynastic Egypt, pharaohs celebrated the ‘Sed’ festival at Karnak in which the king was ritually killed and reborn, symbolising the replenishment of his energies.
  • A ‘T-AO’ designation indicates that the ship is an underway replenishment oiler.
  • Mastery of the theory of two - bin replenishment models, and re - order point models.
  • Things which experience gradual withdrawings and emptyings of their nature, and great and sudden replenishments, fail to perceive the emptying, but are sensible of the replenishment; and so they occasion no pain, but the greatest pleasure, to the mortal part of the soul, as is manifest in the case of perfumes. Timaeus
  • The level of the water was low because the pump had broken down and the cycle of drainage and replenishment had stopped. A ROOMFUL OF BIRDS - SCOTTISH SHORT STORIES 1990
  • NT is designed to help your body with the replenishment of high-energy compounds such as phosphocreatine, ATP and electrolytes, which will help you recover and help increase performance for your next training session. Wil's Ebay E-Store
  • I was rather surprised at the choosing of this opera for a new production, I am sure that there are other operas in the Janácek canon which are more in need of replenishment.
  • Depletion of phosphocreatine without replenishment can result in muscular fatigue and fading muscle power. Wil's Ebay E-Store
  • Their environmental documents fail to properly analyze impacts on sediment flow, natural beach replenishment, and sand bars.
  • Carbohydrate replenishment Your body is most amenable to replenishing muscle glycogen in those first few hours after exercising.
  • Through integrating call option and put option the retailer can do replenishment and withdrawal flexibly.
  • Carbohydrate replenishment Your body is most amenable to replenishing muscle glycogen in those first few hours after exercising.
  • Vertical replenishment primarily involves using helicopters to lift cargo from a supply ship to a combatant ship.
  • Delaying sampling until spring provides for soil moisture replenishment from fall, winter, and early spring precipitation.
  • The organization wants access to a permanent stream of money without having to seek constant replenishment from council.
  • The short and long-term benefits are replenishments of precious ground water reserves, rejuvenation of wetland habitats, boosts to infrastructure needs, and opportunities for community bonding.
  • After duty general headquarters decision replenishment stoff, selects machine the implementation airship launch.

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