[ US /ˈɹɛndɝ/ ]
[ UK /ɹˈɛndɐ/ ]
  1. make over as a return
    They had to render the estate
  2. cause to become
    The shot rendered her immobile
  3. show in, or as in, a picture
    the face of the child is rendered with much tenderness in this painting
    This scene depicts country life
  4. restate (words) from one language into another language
    Can you interpret the speech of the visiting dignitaries?
    She rendered the French poem into English
    He translates for the U.N.
    I have to translate when my in-laws from Austria visit the U.S.
  5. coat with plastic or cement
    render the brick walls in the den
  6. pass down
    deliver a judgment
    render a verdict
  7. to surrender someone or something to another
    render the town to the enemy
    render up the prisoners
    the guard delivered the criminal to the police
    fork over the money
  8. give an interpretation or rendition of
    The pianist rendered the Beethoven sonata beautifully
  9. melt (fat or lard) in order to separate out impurities
    render fat in a casserole
    try the yak butter
  10. give or supply
    The cow brings in 5 liters of milk
    The estate renders some revenue for the family
    This year's crop yielded 1,000 bushels of corn
  11. give back
    render money
  12. give something useful or necessary to
    We provided the room with an electrical heater
  13. bestow
    render thanks
    give homage
  1. a substance similar to stucco but exclusively applied to masonry walls
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How To Use render In A Sentence

  • In the receding angle below the chin is the hyoid bone, and the finger can be carried along the bone to the tip of the greater cornu, which is on a level with the angle of the mandible: the greater cornu is most readily appreciated by making pressure on one side, when the cornu of the opposite side will be rendered prominent and can be felt distinctly beneath the skin. XII. Surface Anatomy and Surface Markings. 1. Surface Anatomy of the Head and Neck
  • By then, the town had been well-fortified and withstood a siege of nine weeks before the Mexicans were forced to surrender from starvation. Cinco de Mayo: What is everybody celebrating?
  • Venuti advocates that translators create a discursive heterogeneity by using non-dominant English forms to make the foreignness of the source texts felt and render the translations visible.
  • Moreover, see whether the term rendered fail to be the genus of anything at all; for then clearly it also fails to be the genus of the species mentioned. Topics
  • The diverse problems of succession and authority which face the brothers, the audience, and the poet reflect upon one other throughout, and this self-awareness renders nugatory the traditional criticism of Statius as derivative.
  • Excepting his quaint epithets which he affects to render literally from the Greek, a language above all others blest in the happy marriage of sweet words, and which in our language are mere printer's compound epithets -- such as quaffed divine Literary Remains, Volume 1
  • Years of early art, pencil sketches, architectural renderings, magazine covers, newspaper clippings and personal photographs are also on display in the new gallery.
  • They will certainly enjoy some respite from the negative headlines which have been barracking them in recent weeks, which maybe renders the result palatable for all.
  • NIAGARA FALLS -- A Niagara Falls English teacher has agreed to resign and surrender his teaching certification as part of a plea bargain to charges that he had an improper relationship with a 16-year-old female student. The Buffalo News: Home
  • I duly surrendered my little device, only to feel a sudden pang of panic on my way back to my seat. Times, Sunday Times
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