[ UK /ɹɪmˈɔːsləsli/ ]
  1. without pity; in a merciless manner
    he was mercilessly trounced by his opponent in the House
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How To Use remorselessly In A Sentence

  • ‘I've remorselessly agitated for a full public inquiry but the powers that be have just kicked me into touch so to speak,’ he said.
  • There have been record bankruptcies and remorselessly rising unemployment.
  • Then he went, and his neighbors too, and now only the black tenant remains; but the shadow-hand of the master's grand-nephew or cousin or creditor stretches out of the gray distance to collect the rack-rent remorselessly, and so the land is uncared-for and poor. The Souls of Black Folk
  • We girls had thick hair; mine reached below my waist when unbraided and was remorselessly black, but it made my skin look sallow. Artichoke
  • They remorselessly beat up anyone they suspected of supporting the opposition.
  • The _yellow yite_, or yellow hammer, was held in just the opposite estimation, and although one of the prettiest of birds, their nests were remorselessly harried, and their young often cruelly killed. Folk Lore Superstitious Beliefs in the West of Scotland within This Century
  • When Mike had paid his hotel bill, very few pounds were left for the card-room, and judging it was not an hour in which he might tempt fortune, he "rooked" a young man remorselessly. Mike Fletcher A Novel
  • The undeniable power of street art is that it aids in reshaping the lifeless urban horror we have remorselessly constructed for ourselves in the dubious name of progress. Graffiti: the Estadio Azteca and Mexico City's new wave muralists
  • Smashing through the young Scotsman's media trained response, Snow went through the timetable the PSNI's "dilatory" response remorselessly. Slugger O'Toole
  • The lesson taught him is, that while inequalities occur in every variety of life, like and unlike seek affinitive groups; that nature remorselessly assorts and classifies mankind into The American Negro: What He Was, What He Is, and What He May Become: A Critical and Practical Discussion
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