[ UK /ɹɪlˈe‍ɪt/ ]
[ US /ɹiˈɫeɪt, ɹɪˈɫeɪt/ ]
  1. give an account of
    The witness related the events
  2. be in a relationship with
    How are these two observations related?
  3. have or establish a relationship to
    She relates well to her peers
  4. make a logical or causal connection
    colligate these facts
    I cannot connect these two pieces of evidence in my mind
    I cannot relate these events at all
  5. be relevant to
    There were lots of questions referring to her talk
    My remark pertained to your earlier comments
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How To Use relate In A Sentence

  • When the new foods that came from the Americas - peppers, summer squash and especially tomatoes - took hold in the region, a number of closely related dishes were born, including what we call ratatouille - and a man from La Mancha calls pisto, an Ikarian Greek calls soufiko and a Turk calls turlu. NYT > Home Page
  • Much of the crime in this area is related to drug abuse.
  • Observing the affected knee may reveal dystrophic changes, alteration of skin color, calluses related to kneeling or occupational abuse of the knee, scars, scratches, or rashes.
  • BRODY: They had to deal with that, and so they're reticent to a certain degree to kind of delve into some of the faith issues as it relates to the political environment, if you will, because they know that he can get a lot of backlash. CNN Transcript May 6, 2009
  • I do sometimes wish we could flag posts that are in some way related to post flags, when I'm feeling a bit daffy, which is always. MetaTalk
  • The old rates were at least indirectly related to income; the new tax takes no account of a person's ability to pay.
  • Interior spaces may also be gendered: the author explores both the activities particular to women, such as needlework or lace-making, and the objects related to female and maternal domesticity.
  • Another trend referred to two related areas – increased user-centeredness and increased inter-disciplinarity. Archive 2008-02-01
  • Net interest income dropped to $256.4 million, primarily due to the low market-interest rates that resulted in lower yields on mortgage-related interest-earning assets as customers refinanced to lower mortgage rates and new loans and asset purchases were at the current low market interest rates. Hudson City Bancorp Swings to Loss
  • It takes into consideration those factors which we deem relevant, and relates their significances.
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