How To Use Regularisation In A Sentence

  • The problem is that Fox and Bush have different ideas of what "regularization" means. Crossing The Next Frontier
  • A new framework of mollification methods based on L - generalized solution regularization Methods : Was proposed.
  • Français · Brésil: La régularisation des immigrants provoque espoir et controverse Global Voices in English » Brazil: Amnesty for illegal immigrants sparks hope and controversy
  • And I say “regularization” here only because sentence-modifying adjectives like most important (and most surprising) are outliers; most sentential-modifying phrases are adverbial. 2010 March « Motivated Grammar
  • And although the regularization of the status of immigrants is not an issue that concerns many of these voters, it is an indicator of the party's attitude to a minority that currently numbers almost 30 million people.
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  • Lawmakers have proposed everything from more walls along segments of the Mexican border and more Border Patrol agents, to a guest-worker program and "regularization" of undocumented workers. Breaking Out of the Box
  • Johnny is one of the 25 workers of the ABS-CBN internal job market (IJM) who found themselves jobless days after ABC-CBN chairman Gabby Lopez issued a deadline for the workers to accept the so-called regularization scheme. Bulatlat
  • The first was a scheme with proposals for the regularization of demand, the decasualization of labour, unemployment and holiday pay, superannuation and a minimum system of accountancy and costing. Medieval and National Guilds
  • The prince will one day become the supreme governor of the Church of England and Defender of the Faith so the regularisation of his domestic arrangements has been troubling the church for some time.
  • WIAN: Those demands are what he calls the regularization of Mexican undocumented workers in the United States, a temporary worker program, an increase in the number of visas for Mexicans, better economic development of the border region and proper human rights for migrants. CNN Transcript Jan 18, 2005
  • Bush insiders first floated the idea of "regularization" for 3 million Mexicans. Como Se Dice 'Realignment'?
  • Regularization is an effective way to eliminate such an instability.
  • The workers' demands include regularisation of working hours; wages fixed in line with government directives, the provision of educational facilities for their children and amenities for their parents.
  • Panizales believes the management's offer for the so-called regularization aims to diminish their union membership. Bulatlat
  • We need to address a regularization of immigration policy.
  • Also an explicit solution of regularization to a special problem is constructed.
  • He is already talking about "regularization" new code for amnesty. Home/News
  • This is a regularization scheme, where there emerges a nonintegral number of particles in an amplitude. Dark Matter: Still Dark.
  • We will be asking for an end to detentions and deportation, the abolition of security certificates and the regularization of all non-status migrants.
  • If this documentation of an increasing orderliness or regularization is considered as a part of the developing standards in the presentation of information, it was a standard that would serve both authors and readers. The Creation of Color in Eighteenth-Century Europe
  • The Strangers into Citizens grassroots campaign has called for the regularisation of longer-term unregistered workers. Latest News from Ekklesia
  • Overlinking is often due to writers who believe that the text is improved by any addition of links, and who seem to have a "regularization" obsession - that all words which are the same, should appear the same. Archive 2007-01-01

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