How To Use Redolence In A Sentence

  • He could smell above the all-pervading redolence of incense, the faint acrid smoke of the candle.
  • So he was left to the unexplainable clatter-bangs of the night, the hiss of neighbours 'household furnaces, and he may have written in a drunken pique, "the redolence of the snow ape. Excerpt from Crackle
  • Throughout the various locations for this interpersonal quest are mandalas, murals to spiritual anarchy and role-playing redolence that serve as an omen for the shape of things to possibly come.
  • I smelled the screen to check if the romantic redolence was as real as the words. Blog: The ethics of blogging
  • It was not the aroma of trees among other smells in the forest, among damp dirt and toadstools and cinnamon ferns, but the redolence of trees freshly felled and limbed. Men Don't Leave Me
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  • He uses what in Washington is sharp language (we could give 'em lessons down here), saying that this comment was "disgraceful," that remark "tragically flawed," and this action was "unconscionable" ... and he is very circumspect about his candidacy, avoiding the redolence of narcissism that seems to cling to most presidential candidates like the odor of a wet fart. Stan Goff: PING & PONG: you are the ball
  • The lamb fillet did indeed have the redolence of India, while the duck managed to retain its own flavour, enhanced by the Grand Marnier and pinenuts.
  • The air smelt musty now, fruity with the redolence of mould and decay. DESPERADOES
  • The other smells weren't hidden by the omnipresent odor: the sour redolence of corn mash, the fresh tang of the straw underfoot, the distant sweetness of apple blossom coming in through the window. Magnificent Pigs
  • He turned around, his eyes searching hers in that way he had, their crimson depths revealing nothing but a deathly shimmer and a redolence of something lost.
  • Aeolus, that bastard son of Hippotes (a typical wite man), reined in the winds like so many horses 'corpses (they were not real horses, but like pinochio they stank awfully), decided at a blink that he would have no more of this stillness (silly chinaman0), and like Leland Archer he woke from his stupor screaming about Japanese dreams and the' redolence 'of "sameness" - and alway to samness says th fdsljf rj The Sea at Sea (or Why is There a Question Instead of Not a Question)
  • The order came after repeated complaints from residents, yet the exact source of the repulsive redolence was never exactly revealed.
  • He could smell above the all-pervading redolence of incense, the faint acrid smoke of the candle.
  • Books preserve, daintily, the redolence of their first reading—the beach, that apartment, that attack of croup, that flight to Indonesia. The Joy of Reading 'Pinocchio'—On Paper
  • Usually the first thing we do with a new batch of stock, is dip in a ladle, as we are in too much of a hurry to even drain it, having been teased and tortured with the redolence of chicken for a couple of hours, pour it into cups that already contain home made noodles and hungrily devour the soup. At My Table
  • All thoughts of coffee and her dad were gone, and she was greeted with the redolence of vanilla.
  • Heaped next to it is an untidy stack of slender oak and mesquite branches, the leña -- firewood -- responsible for the patio's distinctive smoky redolence. Huellas ...Dona Carlota

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