[ US /ˈɹɛdˌnɛk/ ]
[ UK /ɹˈɛdnɛk/ ]
  1. a poor White person in the southern United States
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How To Use redneck In A Sentence

  • I worried also about the nature of our neighborhood, which is a redneck Shangri-La of big dawgs, trucks with bad mufflers, heavily armed Gomers, and gangs of marauding feral boys with BB guns.
  • While the word is not always used in disparagement, it is never used as a compliment except as a possible term of affection among close friends just as a close Alabama friend of mine might exclaim to this Alabama boy, "Bubba, you ole redneck, how are you? Good Friday in Oaxaca
  • Ed Norton stars in this film about twin brothers -- one a professor at Brown University, the other a redneck -- who come back together in Oklahoma when the ne'er-do-well, marijuana-dealing brother is implicated in a criminal matter. Ed Koch: Leaves of Grass (A Mayor Koch Review)
  • You know, someone should tell these people that they lost the civil war a long time ago and that their redneck bigotries are not welcome in the United States of America. Think Progress » Virginia attorney general instructs state colleges to stop protecting gay students from discrimination.
  • ldquo;The film that I’ve had the most fun on was this movie called ‘Smokin’ Aces’ that Joe Carnahan directed – the guy that did ‘Narc’ and now he’s doing ‘The A-Team,’† Pine told MTV. “I played a neo-Nazi redneck hitman, which is about the farthest thing from me you can get. Chris Pine Wants ‘A-Team’ Role | We Are Movie Geeks
  • That's why he's willing to use them as an election-year football in order to grub votes from rednecks.
  • As a native of the area around Mobile, Alabama, a place long ridiculed by many as the nation's stepchild, it amused me that what was disdained as a redneck corner of the universe populated by ignorant and racist whites and besieged blacks became the "sunbelt" in the 1970s and as soon as those "cheeseheads" arrived in "crackerland" with no more need for their snowtires and discovered giant flying cockroaches and mildew among other horrors and complained mightily about the tropics they had naively sought, they became disenchanted. Lake Level Sucks 11-19-05
  • The country club set, knocking back martinis and Manhattans and Cosmopolitans, looks down on the rednecks at the noisy beer joint across the county line, and the writers and intellectuals at the local college sneer at both groups for being "alkies" but believe that a trip on the latest psychedelic drug is an intellectual adventure. The O'Reilly Factor
  • To us, the term redneck indicates a culture we were born in and enjoy. Monkeyfister
  • How can you dislike a town where everybody jaywalks and the libramientos are known locally as the "other cemetary" and people drive in chaotic but workable distraction and many folks are short and fat and ridiculed by the overcompensating snobbish Highlanders as redneck morons and eating and drinking and dancing are local sports. Driving From San Crist�bal de Las Casas to Lake Chapala
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