How To Use Red marrow In A Sentence

  • Giant cells (myeloplaxes, osteoclasts), large, multinucleated, protoplasmic masses, are also to be found in both sorts of adult marrow, but more particularly in red marrow. II. Osteology. 2. Bone
  • The red marrow consists of a small quantity of connective tissue, bloodvessels, and numerous cells (Fig. 72), some few of which are fat cells, but the great majority are roundish nucleated cells, the true “marrow cells” of Kölliker. II. Osteology. 2. Bone
  • In the bodies of the long bones the marrow is of a yellow color, and contains, in 100 parts, 96 of fat, 1 of areolar tissue and vessels, and 3 of fluid with extractive matter; it consists of a basis of connective tissue supporting numerous bloodvessels and cells, most of which are fat cells but some are “marrow cells, ” such as occur in the red marrow to be immediately described. II. Osteology. 2. Bone
  • The red marrow is located in what is known as the spongy substance of the bones (Chapter XIV) and consists, to a large extent, of cells somewhat like the red corpuscles, but differing from them in having nuclei. Physiology and Hygiene for Secondary Schools
  • Like modern frogs, she says, the bones show an inner zone of yellow, fatty marrow, encircled by an outer zone of red marrow.

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