How To Use Red guard In A Sentence

  • Only Father Kolbe remained alive until a bored guard gave him a fatal injection of carbolic acid.
  • Wild applause erupted when Zeng Fanzhi's painting of youths wearing absurd masks and Red Guard scarves went for $9.7 million, a new auction high for any Asian contemporary artwork.
  • High-ranking US intelligence officers at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison ordered guards to use unmuzzled dogs to intimidate prisoners, The Washington Post said yesterday, quoting sworn statement by dog handlers at the jail.
  • The problem, according to Song, comes when you ask the next logical question: how could a few dozen "antiparty" elements and their Red Guards wreak such carnage unless Mao and other senior leaders acquiesced? Secrets Of The Past
  • Only two armored guards remained, watching from the end of the Observatory. LIRAEL: DAUGHTER OF THE CLAYR
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  • A pair of black armored guards, whose surcoats show a panther rampant on a sword, stand before the gates, attentive and ready, with spears held high.
  • But Jianguo thrived amid the social turmoil, and became a leader of a Red Guard faction at his school.
  • Before that, we had people in the Symbionese Liberation Army and the Italian Red Guard who also used violence and death to acheive some stupid aims, not to mention those strange people who skyjacked airplanes to cuba in the 70s. The Volokh Conspiracy » Three-Year-Olds and Airport Security:
  • As well as being a former artist, Jiang had been a Red Guard, shepherd, political prisoner, radical news-sheet publisher, Maoist lecturer, and Tiananmen Square protester. When a Billion Chinese Jump
  • Much to the enjoyment of the no-longer-bored guard on the other side of the one-way mirror, Mike and Martina share a deep, passionate kiss.
  • We heard the Red Guards warning our parents against raising us religiously.
  • Wild applause erupted when Zeng Fanzhi's painting of youths wearing absurd masks and Red Guard scarves went for $9.7 million, a new auction high for any Asian contemporary artwork.
  • And whenever Mao denounced one of his former comrades, the Red Guard made it their mission to eradicate the offender.
  • There are about a hundred guards at the fence, I'd estimate, and they've got search lights going.
  • In addition to the strong cast members mentioned above, standouts included Heather Engebretson as the Chinese daughter Li, bass Aubrey Allicock as the Grand Inquisitor, Karen Vuong as Zhou, a Red Guard, and Meredith Lustig, Laura Mixter and Rachael Wilson as the Andrews Sisters trio, who also operated dancing puppets, adding an additional layer of comic grotesquery to the moment. Young and Committed to Their Causes
  • Skipped up to fifth grade, Ling discovers that she's forced to share lessons with a classful of bullies, all aspiring Young Pioneers for the Red Guard who accuse her of being a bourgeois. Archive 2008-02-01
  • During his stints as a Red Guard and a soldier, however, Wei became disillusioned with the one-party socialist ideology.
  • The high-ranking intelligence officers allegedly ordered guards to use unmuzzled dogs to frighten prisoners.
  • Seen in one of them are a soldier of the Korean People's Army and a member of the Worker-Peasant Red Guards determined to crush down at a stroke the U.
  • These photographs take the backdrop of the Red Guard cemetery in Chongqing to illustrate various dichotomies .
  • these temples were mindlessly destroyed by the Red Guards

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