How To Use Red dwarf In A Sentence

  • The red dwarf star Ross 154 looks as if it's been relegated to the position of "eighth closest star.
  • The Richest Man in the World's official title holder, Jack Winslow, has a plan to abolish the drizzly season of Hamble by harnessing the power of a captured dwarf sun, but everyone who opposes his project seems to wind up flash fried - from the inside! Issue 0.034
  • The red dwarf star Ross 154 looks as if it's been relegated to the position of "eighth closest star.
  • The third star, a red dwarf called Proxima Centauri, circles this couple at a considerable distance and is too faint for Fischer's team to study, but it could boast small planets, too.
  • Producers have filled DVDs of hit shows such as Doctor Who and Red Dwarf with extra features such as footage of fluffed lines and errors, and even extra scenes which never made it on air.
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  • None of those planets are like Gliese 581 g, a rocky world about three times the mass of Earth orbiting -- along with five sibling planets -- a red dwarf star 20 light-year from Earth.
  • A binary system of two red dwarfs named Struve 2398 from a catalogue of double stars published in 1827. Another Nice Resources for Interstellar Worldbuilding
  • This lead may account for the missing evidence of red dwarfs forming planetary systems.
  • The planet orbits the M class red dwarf star Gliese 436, located only 33 light years away, in our own galactic neighborhood.
  • The most common type of star in the galaxy is the humble red dwarf.
  • A few specimens from the Red Dwarf deposit have recently been cut into cabochons, but none have yet been faceted.
  • So many estate agents have boated me around Venice, for instance, that I reckon I now know the Serenissima's darkest alleys better than the little red dwarf in Don't Look Now.
  • Astronomers know little about the strength of stellar winds around young stars and red dwarfs.
  • Most of the life in the universe could bask in the ruddy light of red dwarfs.
  • It is also the first disk imaged around an M-type red dwarf, the most common type of star in the stellar neighborhood around the Sun.
  • The stellar wind from the red dwarf star removes the dust in the debris disk by causing the dust to slowly spiral into the star.
  • Anyways, … for some tricksters, once you know the log and antilog tables you can appear to have fantastic mental arithmetic skills and "make friends"; in BBC RED DWARF lexicon, "... be a genius again". The Root Problem
  • The new planet was detected orbiting the red dwarf star Gliese 876, which is about one third as massive as our Sun.
  • The two stars are so close together that the red dwarf cannot hold itself together and loses mass to its companion.
  • The newfound planet's host star is a red dwarf with about one-fifth the mass of our sun.

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