How To Use Red devil In A Sentence

  • I took the little list of ingredients he had printed out for me, and went to a grocery store, where I got a can of Red Devil lye, two eggs, and two medium-sized white potatoes.
  • WHEN I was a youngster I used to be quite a superstitious sort of person -- I suppose because I had a nurse till I was rather large, who was the sort of Scotchwoman which believes in fairies and red devils and those things. The Lake of Devils
  • Bookmakers are offering punters odds of 6-1 on the horse Red Devil winning the race.
  • Some reports claim up to 300 million Red Devil fans worldwide.
  • Bookmakers are offering punters odds of 6-1 on the horse Red Devil winning the race.
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  • Bookmakers are offering punters odds of 6-1 on the horse Red Devil winning the race.
  • And then again, I brought to mind that Harry would be a heavy purse the better of sending me to Davy's locker, seeing we had both been just paid off, and got a lot of prize-money to boot; -- and at last (the real red devil having fairly got me helm a-larboard) I argufied with myself that Tom Mills would be as well alive, with Harry Holmes's luck in his pocket, as he could be dead, and _his_ in Harry Holmes's; not to say nothing of taking one's own part, just to keep one's self afloat, if so be Harry let his mind run as mine was running. Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern — Volume 4
  • Oh, well physicked, said the monk; a hundred devils leap into my body, if there be not more old drunkards than old physicians! Five books of the lives, heroic deeds and sayings of Gargantua and his son Pantagruel
  • Next day, with a blinding hangover, Christopher ordered devilled kidneys. Christopher Hitchens: my friend, a man who never lost his taste for intimacy and good conversation | Henry Porter
  • Red Devil energy drink and Welcome Break service stations are running a competition to win the bike.
  • She whispered that the Devil hid behind the curtains, a red devil with a feathery red tail.
  • “Ay, but Catharine,” replied the glover, “hath a second thou knowest little of: Father Clement has taken the young reiver in hand, and he fears a hundred devils as little as I do a flock of geese.” The Fair Maid of Perth
  • But when the Web site was colorful and blurry, and the survey was introduced by a red devil's head and the words "How BAD Are U???
  • Red Devil Equipment Co. (U. S. A. ) is a manufacturer in the field of mixing equipment.
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  • David Berkowitz, in contrast, went right for the red devil, not just unpredictable but purely mad, a quiet, cloddish man wandering the night streets like a monster. Grand Fury

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